Bukit Merah Cat Missing After Shop Owner Allegedly Ties It Up In A Rice Bag & Abandons It

There are cat and dog lovers, but whichever party you’re in, you should care for both creatures’ lives just the same. Unfortunately, a couple’s dislike for cats seemingly took a bad turn, when one crossed their paths in Bukit Merah recently.

Apparently unhappy that a cat had entered their shop, one of them decided to take action.

A concerned cat lover shared about the incident in Facebook group Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats on Sunday (1 Nov), which quickly went viral.


You may read the original post in full here.

Man spotted putting cat into a bag

MiMi is a community cat, cared for by an elderly couple who run a shop at Block 111 Jalan Bukit Merah. She was often seen wandering around the area.

Residents had grown accustomed to seeing her around for many years, without issue, until a couple recently moved into the shop next door.


On Friday (30 Oct), curious little MiMi had reportedly walked into the couple’s shop.

She apparently didn’t walk out alone, as witnesses spotted the shop owner putting the poor feline into a rice bag shortly after.

He also allegedly tied a plastic bag around MiMi’s neck when she was meowing for help.

Allegedly dared passerby to call the police

Moments later, a passerby confronted the man and asked him to release the helpless cat.

Instead of complying, he allegedly told the passerby to call the police, while claiming that he wanted to bring the cat home.


After the confrontation, the man allegedly walked away with the cat in the bag, from Block 111 to Block 105 Jalan Bukit Merah.

According to Facebook user Ms Ong, he returned 20 minutes later, “drenched in sweat”, and without the cat in his hands.

All these reportedly happened between 8.45pm and 9pm on 30 Oct.

Cat goes missing in Bukit Merah

In an update in the same Facebook group, user Chen claims that the police have confronted the man regarding the incident.


He apparently admitted to committing all the acts nonchalantly, while revealing that he had released MiMi at Cendex Centre.

Whether the police has taken further action is unclear.

As of the time of writing, rescuers have yet to report the discovery of MiMi, despite searching everywhere in the vicinity.

They’ve expressed fears that she may not have survived the ordeal.

Hope MiMi will be found & justice served

Cruelty to animals is something we should never condone as a society. After all, they are living creatures who can feel pain just like we do too.

For MiMi especially, she has a loving family who are probably worried sick about her now.


We hope that rescuers will be able to find MiMi safe, and reunite her with them soon.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.