Family Dog Was Later Given Up & Found A Loving Home To Live Out His Days

Pets often bring plenty of love and joy to families. But not everyone recognises that caring for them is also a huge responsibility.

In many cases, parents gift pets to children on a whim. 15-year-old Brad is one such case.


On Thursday (29 Oct), Facebook group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore shared the story of Brad, who was left chained to a gate for over a year after the children lost interest in him.


Thankfully, Brad has since been rescued and found a furever home to live out the rest of his days, well-loved and cared for.

Dog left chained to gate for a year

After much pressure from their children, the parents from Brad’s initial household caved and got him as a family pet.


However, as the children grew up, they lost interest in Brad. As a result, the treatment and care Brad received were no longer up to scratch.

He soon became a growing responsibility to fill rather than a loved member of the family.

The responsibility to care for Brad soon fell to the family’s helper.

Initially, he was allowed to roam freely in the kitchen.

But the 15-year-old dog soon had urine-marking issues and was chained to the main gate instead.

dog chained gateSource

This arrangement lasted for an entire year.

Family hands chained dog over to fosterer

After folks from Chained Dog Awareness found out about Brad’s predicament, they had a heartfelt talk with the family.

Following that, the family made the tough decision to hand Brad over to a fosterer.

As a senior dog, Brad suffered from many health problems. Besides being partially blind with hearing difficulties, he also had skin issues.

dog chained gateSource

Despite his conditions, Brad maintained his happy-go-lucky demeanour and remained joyous.

15-year-old Brad finds new loving home

Soon after he was given up by the family, Brad’s fate changed for the better.

Just a week after staying with his fosterer, he found a new furever home.

dog chained gateSource

He has since been re-homed with a lovely lady who opens up her home to senior dogs requiring palliative care.

With his newfound family, Brad will finally get the care and love he deserves.

Pets are a huge responsibility

We’re glad that Brad has found a loving family that he’s sure to share many more joyous moments with.

Brad’s case is a reminder of how much love and care doggos deserve.

While dogs often shower us with pure, unbridled affection, they also teach us how to love.

However, don’t fur-get that they too require plenty of dedication, patience and care.

Before getting a pet, we should always know what we are getting into and ensure that we can give our four-legged friends the care they deserve.

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