BuzzFeed Tries Hawker Food From Singapore, Here’s What We Think

Can somebody please give Buzzfeed a ‘How To Eat Cendol’ guidebook?

In case you didn’t know, taste tests have become a thing on YouTube.

Yes, anything trends on YouTube.

Just that this doesn’t involve puffy lips, talking to pencils, or eating one of the world’s hottest peppers.

Watch the Buzzfeed Americans eat some decent looking hawker food, and rage at your own risk upon seeing that they have no idea how to eat Chendol:

MustShareNews reacts to BuzzFeed reacts to Singaporean Food

It’s the perfect title for a TheFineBros-type YouTube video that will get easy views.

Too bad we just write. (Boo, such nerds.)

Ah well, whether you like it or not, prepare yourself for an unnecessarily elaborate yet poignantly legitimate review on food reviews.

The review

buzzfeed tries sg food 1Source

1. Americans eat Char Kway Teow

buzzfeed tries sg food 2Source

What we think:

Wild lap cheong and tau geh spotted. Plus points for that.

But which joker authorised these Americans to go all mai ham?

And when was Char Kway Teow so…… slurp-able?

buzzfeed tries sg food 3Source

BuzzFeed, no more Char Kway Teow for you until you eat it the real way.

2. Americans eat Cendol

buzzfeed tries sg food 4Source

What we think:

Ooooh, looks legit……. there’s even the green squiggly things, they’re the perfect textu – WAIT. NO. NO. SOMETHING’S WRONG. STAHP. STAHP DRINKING. SHAKE IT. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SHAKE IT FIRST

Thanks, Obama. 

3. Americans eat Laksa

buzzfeed tries sg food 5Source

What we think

Why is the bowl so full?

And who authorised these Americans to go all mai h – you know what, never mind.

BuzzFeed ‘Laksa’:

rooster bowlSource

4. Americans eat Hainanese Chicken Rice

buzzfeed tries sg food 6Source

What we think

This attempt to emulate good ol’ Chicken Rice is saved by legit looking chilli in a tub and sufficiently yellow rice.

It would do better if it wasn’t missing that useless slice of cucumber at the side.

Also, what’s that green mutation of a sauce?

There, all better. #DemPhotoshopSkillz

chicken riceSource

A letter to BuzzFeed

Dear BuzzFeed,

You’re fantastic because you never fail to feed us buzz.

And you’re useful when we have nothing to do except learn 10 facts about everything.

But you really, really have to up your Singaporean food game.

Why not you check this out:

Because that’s how a taste test is done.

Yours Sincerely,


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