Car Suddenly Drives Into Playground At Boon Lay HDB As Seen In Stomp Video

Imagine you are at the playground beneath your HDB block when a car suddenly comes driving in. Hard to picture it happening?

Well, this was exactly what residents living near Block 183A Boon Lay Avenue encountered, as a Toyota Prius suddenly drove into the estate’s playground and fitness corner.

A video was uploaded to STOMP’s website, showing the exact moment when the car appeared and shocked the person recording.


The incident, which occurred recently, has since been reported to the police.

Car accelerates into Boon Lay playground

In the video, the car was first seen turning into the playground via a pedestrian walkway.


However, instead of reversing and turning out like what normal people would do, he or she decided to cut through the playground.


The car further advanced onto the walkway that leads to the fitness corner. Luckily, there were no passers-by present at the time.


The car later moved along the pathway before the video was cut off.

According to the Stomp article, the resident added that “Children and elderly people were shouting in shock and running to the nearest block to avoid the driver’s reckless actions.”

This, however, is not apparent in the video, which was allegedly recorded on 29 Aug. The Stomper had allegedly withheld it to discuss matters with the Residents’ Committee (RC) first.

Dangerous for cars to drive into residential area

Netizens reacted in disbelief, stating that the elderly and children are always around the area, and would have been in grave danger.


They further speculated that the driver could have been taking a shortcut to avoid paying fees at the gantry.


Drive safely, folks

Curbing road accidents is already a difficult task, so let’s not bring the problem to areas where vehicles shouldn’t be.

For those who are driving, remember to only do so on the road, so you won’t endanger the lives of passengers and unsuspecting bystanders.


Featured image adapted from STOMP.