S’pore Woman Makes Intricate Cardboard Houses That Look Like Fast Food Joints For Community Cats

Woman In Singapore Makes Cardboard Houses For Community Cats

Community cats are much loved in Singapore to the extent that every estate may have multiple feeders and caretakers.

Sometimes, residents will even place small cardboard beds or houses for them to seek shelter.

One woman in Singapore, Ms Janet Chin, has taken this to a whole other level with her beautifully designed cardboard houses.

Source: Janet CashCash Chin on Facebook

As it turns out, Ms Chin has been sharing her creations with fellow cat lovers on the Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats Facebook page.

Her unique and elaborate cardboard houses have touched fellow users with their sheer creativity and cuteness.

Cardboard houses for cats look like McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks & more

The most distinctive feature of her cardboard houses is definitely their style.

Paying close attention to detail, she fashions plain cardboard boxes into feline-friendly versions of our favourite fast food restaurants.

This cardboard house, for instance, is in the colours of McDonald’s, which she cleverly renamed ‘MiaoDonald’s’.

Source: Janet CashCash Chin on Facebook

For this design, she even incorporated the iconic Golden Arches and delightful awnings.

She has also made houses in the style of Starbucks, which is now ‘Catbucks’.

cardboard houses cats

Source: Janet CashCash Chin on Facebook

It even has a drive-thru kiosk for the kitties to grab their coffees to go.

On top of that, Ms Chin has created a KFC-inspired shelter as well — complete with red blinds for added privacy.

cardboard houses cats

Source: Janet CashCash Chin on Facebook

While the name of the restaurant and its logo have been retained, we can only guess that for the community cats, KFC means ‘Katucky Fried Chicken’.

Besides fast-food joints, she has also made shelters that look like regular but cosy houses.

cardboard houses cats

Source: Janet CashCash Chin on Facebook

They even come complete with padded flooring, brick walls, and windows for the cats to look out of.

Others touched by her kindness, keen to learn more

Facebook users who have come across Ms Chin’s unique cardboard houses are touched by her efforts.

One user expressed appreciation for her generosity towards the fluffy creatures.

cardboard houses cats

Source: Facebook

Another user suggested that she make a video tutorial for those who are interested to do the same.

Source: Facebook

Commenting on the KFC cardboard house, this user joked that it might serve another purpose besides sheltering the cats — The house might even lure in unsuspecting prey for an easy meal.

Source: Facebook

Providing safe spaces for community cats

Kudos to Ms Chin for the hard work that she puts in for community cats.

Now, not only do they have safe shelter from the elements, but they can also rest in style.

We hope that she will continue spreading joy to both cats and humans alike in her own unique way.

MS News has reached out to Ms Chin for further comment. We’ll update the article if she gets back.

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Featured image adapted from Janet CashCash Chin on Facebook and Facebook

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