Cat Requires Blood Donations After Being Diagnosed With leukaemia

Many Singaporeans treat their pets like family. So when they receive news of their fur babies having an illness, they would do all they can to help their pet.

On Wednesday (7 Apr), a cat owner took to Facebook to share that her 13-year-old cat was diagnosed with feline leukaemia.


Her cat is now in need of blood donations from other healthy felines that weigh at least 3kg.


3-6 months to live without donations

When the owner of the 13-year-old cat received news that her fur baby had leukaemia, she was understandably devastated.

She initially thought that her cat only had 3-6 months to live if she doesn’t receive treatment.

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In her Facebook post, she shared that the cat’s red and white blood cells, as well as platelet count, are all extremely low.

This means that her cat’s immune system would not have the ability to fight infections or viruses.

Cat requires blood donations

According to the owner, her cat would have an extremely low chance of survival if she went for conventional chemotherapy treatment.

Later, she learned of an alternative treatment method — advanced cell therapy treatment where cells from the blood of healthy cats will be transferred to her fur kid.

Now with renewed hope, the owner is urgently is seeking blood donors for her cat, who would need 2 donations, once every 3 months.

cat blood donations

Eligible cat donors will need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Healthy (FIV/ FELV negative)
  • 3kg and above
  • Below 10 years old

Is an important part of her family

Recalling her 12-year journey with her cat, the owner shared that she was a very gentle and smart feline.

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She had reportedly taken the cat in after finding her on the streets, fearing that she was being abused by strangers.

Since then, she has been a great addition to the family.

The owner even remarked that “everything revolves around her”.

Contact owner if you have a suitable cat donor

Our fur babies are part of our families we will do anything to keep them safe and protected.

If you wish to help the owner and her cat out, do contact her via Facebook message or the number on her post here.

MS News wishes the owner all the best in finding eligible donors. Hopefully, her beloved cat will have many more days to spend right by her side.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.