Cat Capsule Hotel In Osaka Lets Furry Felines Watch Over You While You Sleep From S$106/Night

Cat Capsule Hotel In Osaka Is A Paradise Of Furry Felines From S$106/Night

Cat lovers can spend their holidays gazing at cats in this capsule hotel.

Neko Yokujo & Neko Hatago is a cat capsule hotel and café located in Osaka, Japan.


What’s unique about this destination is that it lets guests relax in tatami baths, gaze at furry felines and play with them 24/7 for S$106/night.


Let’s take a look at this cat paradise that will get you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Gaze at cats while you sleep

Neko Yokujo & Neko Hatago is the world’s first capsule hostel that’s directly beside a cat café.


While a solid glass wall separates the room and the capsule hotel sleeping compartments, guests can spend their night looking at the furry felines. They can also play with their adorable friends through radio-controlled toys.


At the same time, cats can watch over the guests while they sleep.


Unwind at cat café & spa

Animal lovers want to get up close and personal with the cats can cuddle and hold them in their cat café.


If you ever miss the tropical weather in sunny Singapore, you can enjoy a hot foot bath with a cat resting on your lap. The hotel claims that letting cats rest on your tummy or waist can help you get warm and improve blood circulation during the cold winter weather.


A cat’s purr is scientifically proven to decrease stress and boost your immune system. Skeptics can test that theory by petting the cats’ cheeks and stroking their backs to hear their calming sounds.


Cats can also reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks by more than a third, according to a decade-long study by the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute.

Since touching cats can boost oxytocin, pet owners often have less stress and maintain healthy social relationships.


Consider cat adoption

Guests who form a lasting bond with their cats also have the option to keep them permanently.


All the cats in the hotel are managed by Neco Republic – an animal welfare company –  and they are waiting for their forever homes.


The current profits of the hotel are used to purchase the cats’ food and medical expenses.

Staying at cat hotel & café

Staying at the Neko Yokujo & Neko Hatago hotel costs around S$106 (8,500 yen) per night. You can enjoy watching a cat’s nighttime activities and play with them 24/7.

Those who want to touch and cuddle cats directly should consider their cat café packages which cost S$18.75 (1,500 yen) on weekdays and S$22.50 (1,800 yen) on weekends for one hour.

An all-day pass costs S$47.51 (3,800 yen). You can visit their website to learn more details.

The hotel is a 45-minute cab ride from Kansai International Airport.

Address: 1F, 1-14-29, Shimanouchi, Chuo-Ward, Osaka, Japan, 542-0082
Hotel check-in: from 3pm
Hotel check-out: until 10am
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm–9pm; Sat-Sun & Holidays 12pm–8pm
Website: Neco Republic

Neko Yokujo & Neko Hatago is a top holiday destination for those who want to unwind in a cat paradise. From S$106/night, you can meet new friends and consider adopting them too.

Featured image from Neco Republic.

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