Cat Leashed To Pipe Outside Bukit Merah Flat, Passer-By Appeals For Rescuer To Help

Black Cat Leashed To Pipe Outside Bukit Merah Flat

Pet owners have the responsibility of taking care of their pets’ well-being, including ensuring that their furry companions have the freedom to move around.

The supposed owner of a black-and-white cat recently came under fire after the feline was spotted leashed to a pipe along an HDB corridor.

Source: Facebook

A passer-by spotted the pitiful scene in Bukit Merah and shared images of the leashed cat on Facebook.

As the pictures circulated online, netizens poured in to appeal for rescuers to sweep in and save the poor cat.

Cat connected to short leash outside Bukit Merah flat

On Tuesday (24 Nov), a netizen named Priscilla Tan shared various pictures of a leashed cat along an HDB corridor in Bukit Merah.

According to Ms Tan, the cat’s leash was relatively short and secured too tightly around the cat’s neck.

Source: Facebook

In the accompanying caption, Ms Tan shared that she had spoken to the cat’s owner before and learned that she owns a dog.

In the past, the owner had also allegedly owned a pregnant female cat and had the feline give birth “outside”.

Ms Tan added that the cat did not receive care during her delivery and eventually passed away.

Netizens call for rescuers to help poor cat

Netizens have expressed concern for the cat’s well-being, with many calling for the owner to give it up for adoption.

One netizen is seemingly begging for someone to come in and rescue the poor cat from its plight.

Source: Facebook

Another netizen claimed that the HDB flat is notorious for bad owners, adding that she had picked up another cat from the area that was ridden with fleas.


Source: Facebook

After doing so, she was allegedly harassed by members of the neighbourhood.

Ms Tan also shared that the owner’s direct neighbours dared not approach them as the owners would “behave like gangsters”.

Source: Facebook

MS News has reached out to Ms Tan for comment on the matter and will update the article accordingly when she gets back.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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