Singaporean Man Pastes Cat Photos On Window To Chase Birds Away

The presence of birds isn’t always as pretty as depicted in Disney movies.

In reality, some of these birds may sometimes be more of a pest, than a friend.

For one guy, he faced the problem of mynahs and pigeons lepaking outside his home, making themselves way too comfortable on his air conditioning unit by defecating on it.


Hence, he devised a plan to scare them away by pasting cat photos on his windows.

Turns out, the experiment actually worked.

Stuck cat photos on window to scare birds off

In a Facebook post by Mr Quek in Singapore Wildlife Sightings on Monday (5 Apr), the man posted about his little situation with birds constantly chilling on his aircon unit.


Mr Quek mentioned that he had been dealing with a mynah problem outside of his home’s window.

According to the man, they’d poop and at times fly into the kitchen in search of food.


In an attempt to scare them off, he decided to paste cat photos on his windows.


What started off as a mere experiment proved to be a successful one. Eureka, indeed.

Due to his initial success, the man even said in jest that he is going to try suspending the cat photos next.

This would inadvertently make the cat photos look more lifelike. Well, hopefully only to the birds and not humans.

No birds were harmed in the process

Dealing with pests can be tough at times. However, dealing with them using kind and humane methods should take precedence.

Kudos to Mr Quek for coming up with a hilarious and creative method to ward off his unwanted visitors.

In addition, he now has cute cat images to look at — which is always a plus.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.