Cat Doing Sit-Ups Is Probably Fitter Than IPPT Gold Award Achievers

Fit Cat Places Hind Legs On Car To Do Sit-Ups

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people got into activities such as cooking and trying to get fit. This was especially during the lockdown where everyone was stuck at home.

With the pandemic, national servicemen (NSmen) have also found it harder to take their annual Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT).

Recently, a video of a cat doing situps went viral on Facebook group, Singapore Wildlife Sightings.

The 15-second video showed a cat placing its hind legs on a car while doing sit-ups.


Since then, it has garnered much adoration from netizens, some of whom believe the cat is fitter than IPPT Gold award achievers.

Cat makes use of car to do sit-ups

On Friday (5 Nov), Singapore Wildlife Sightings posted a video of a cat diligently doing sit-ups which delighted netizens.

After some digging, MS News found that the video actually originated from a LinkedIn post several months back.

Within the 15-second video, the cat did a total of 22 sit-ups, much to the amusement of many netizens.


Though it seemed a little tired at the 10-second mark, it pushed itself and kept going.


After the video ended, it was unsure as to how long the cat kept going.

It was a rather uncanny representation of those stuck in lockdown trying to get fit.

However, perhaps we could safely say the cat is probably fitter than the rest of us who might be procrastinating to exercise after a long day of school or work.

Netizens inspired by fit cat

Since the video was posted by Singapore Wildlife Sightings, many netizens have been motivated by the fit cat. One netizen even said he was inspired to start doing sit-ups.


Another even joked that army officers can now use the cat to compare it to recruits during training.


While a lady said the cat was merely cleaning itself, she was still amused by the sight.


Cat is our fitspo

Seeing cats or animals, in general, doing such amusing things certainly can brighten up our day.

While the cat was not really doing sit-ups, perhaps it could act as our fitspo for people to continue exercising, especially with the extra weight some of us have gained due to the pandemic.

Maybe this could be a sign for us to learn from the cat and start exercising more and perhaps break our sedentary habits.

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Featured image adapted from Victoria Toumit on LinkedIn

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