Rainy Weather In S’pore Till Mid Jan 2020 Means We’ll Have A Wet Christmas...

Bring your umbrellas to your Christmas parties.

Singapore’s Temperatures Hit 21.4°C On 1 Dec, To Last Through The Week

Making weekends even better to sleep in.

S’pore 22°C Temperature In Early Dec Means Shiok Weather During Family Outings Over The...

Shiok sia, can go fly kite in air-con temperature!

Singapore’s 23°C Temperature In Nov Might Save You A Trip To Genting For The...

Can pretend you're in the highlands, but only at night.

Penang Will See Tempestuous Storms This Weekend As 2 Typhoons Threaten Nearby Countries

Kyogre will be visiting Penang. Just kidding.

Temperatures In North-Eastern Region Of Thailand May Go As Low As 7 Degrees In...

Bring a jacket if you are going to Thailand in December.


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