S’porean SEA Games Teams Not Given Enough Food At Hotels, Managers Had To Dabao...

Singapore officials had to 'dabao' food for them.

S’pore Has Talent Shortage & India Is A Talent Surplus Country, Says Tommy Koh...

Import of Indian talent is to fill the gap, not to displace.

Hong Kong Workers & Volunteers Join Forces To Clean PolyU Campus Battlefield, Deserve Props

Bricks are being removed 1 by 1 from the ground.

HK Student Protesters Regret Destroying Library As Police Siege On University Continues

Some students chose cockroach-infested sewers over facing arrest.

New S’pore Highway Code Tells You Not To Use Phones While Crossing Or Ride...

Pedestrians are advised not to use their phones while crossing roads.

MOE Advises Parents To Celebrate Children’s Efforts & Not Grades On PSLE Results Day

Parents, show love to your kids who'll be getting their PSLE results.


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