PM Lee Warns S’poreans That We Must Prepare To Celebrate CNY Differently In 2021

We should say auspicious phrases in our hearts during lohei.

Dark Clouds Filled S’pore Sky Before Saturday’s Storm, Bring Brief Relief From Recent Heat

The rain stopped just in time for sunset, creating a glorious scene.

Parent Creates Jewel Changi Cake For Son’s Birthday, Has Iconic Waterfall, Skytrain & Garden

This was the parent's first attempt at baking a cake.

HDB Resident Hangs Plastic Bags Out To Dry, Netizens Wonder What The Purpose Is

Some say they're budget CNY decorations.

Property Agent Makes Mandopop MV To Sell Hougang Flat, Dedication Wins Netizens’ Hearts

The property was sold 5 days after the video was uploaded.

Hybrid Groupers Allegedly Released Into S’pore Waters, Marine Group Says They Disrupt Ecosystem

They were allegedly released at Marina South Ferry Terminal.

Woman Cycles On PIE Amid Heavy Traffic, Rides Through Road Markings & Onto Road...

Stick to regular roads to avoid fines.

M’sian Cooks Her Japanese Koi Fish After They Perish, Makes A Very Expensive Soup

Apparently, they taste like catfish.


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