China Sets ‘Curfew’ For Gamers Under 18, Only 90 Mins Game Time Per Day...

No more late-night DOTA games for those below 18.

Puppy Crying For Help Beside Dying Friend Proves He’s A Loyal Doggo Till The...

The rescued pup is now looking for a forever home.

Helper Pushes Young Boy Out Of Danger In Lentor Avenue Accident, Gets Hit By...

She pushed the stroller away before the car hit her.

Chee Soon Juan Claims That Bukit Batok Reel Hose Was Faulty During Fire On...

As he reportedly gleaned from residents.

Mother Got So Fed Up Helping Son With Homework She Suffered A Heart Attack

Who knew a math question could kill?

S’porean Lady Pushing PMA On Footpath Proves PMD Ban Needs Further Clarification

PMAs are actually allowed on footpaths.


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