NUS Café Gives Free Coffee In Return For Lost Coaster Pagers; Netizens Swiftly Identify...

We are still puzzled over why anyone would steal them.

LTA Confiscates 11 Electric Scooters In Punggol; Netizens Ask For Complete PMD Ban

A confiscated PMD weighed close to 60kg.

Man Taps In & Out Of MRT Gantry 40 Times In 2 Min; Netizens...

He can clearly do this all day.

S’pore Actor Pictured Kissing Woman In Club After Cheating On Ex-Wife Thrice

He was recently pictured hugging an allegedly underage girl.

Actor Tosh Zhang Made Homophobic Comments In 2011; Apologises 8 Years Later As Pink...

"I am not longer that F'ed up person and I stand with you."



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