Couple Says Having Children Is A Serious Commitment, Parents Must Truly Be Ready

Having kids is a choice, and it shouldn't be selfish.

Tragic JB Junction Accident Causes 2 Cars To Flip Over, Claims 1 Driver’s Life

The driver of the offending car was on drugs.

S’porean Mum Shares Childcare Tips That Don’t Involve Scolding, Hopes Others Will Benefit

Money from the 'jar of pain' will be used for family outings.

Monkey Casually Lepaks At Marina Bay, Poses For Insta-Worthy Photos

Monkey business is now a mood.

Migrant Workers Sit In Truck With Padlock Spotted Outside, Netizens Worry For Their Safety

They might be stuck in the truck in the case of an accident.

Taiwanese Lady Travels To Africa & Falls In Love With Her Tour Guide, Now...

This love story is definitely one for the books.

Waterway Point Carpark Gantries Break Down, 50 Cars Trapped For 1 Hour

Frustrated drivers blared their horns.

Huge Rat Lurks In Woodlands Lerk Thai Outlet, Might Be The One Who Cooks...

Wouldn't be surprised if one of them wears a chef's hat.


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