One Dollar Movie Tickets At Cathay Parkway Parade Till 30 Sep

To celebrate Cathay Cineplex Parkway Parade’s first anniversary, they’ll be selling $1 movie tickets daily from today (24 Sep) till Sunday (30 Sep).


We repeat. Tickets to a movie of your choice for just a dollar.

If you’re hell-bent on avoiding the awkward ‘sit-by-yourself’ syndrome in the theatre, we have good news for you!

Every person can redeem two tickets each, which means you can bring a friend to enjoy a dollar’s worth of silver screen entertainment.

Now we’re talking

Now you know how to get around your dad’s strict hold over your purse strings.

1000 $1 tickets daily

What’s the catch? Nothing much really.

Queues will begin at 11am, and you can even collect a queue number from Level 4 of the theatre’s complex.

Staff will be stationed beside an escalator, near the medical centre to dispense a queue number for you.

The promotion is limited to the first 1,000 lucky people who redeem it, and the movie ticket has to be used on the day of redemption.

This means you have to watch your $1 movie on the day you redeem the ticket.

Do take note that 3D movies, film festivals, movie marathons or special priced tickets are not subject to this promotion.

Now showing

Here’s a list of all the movies showing from on Tuesday (25 Sep).


You can catch rom-com Crazy Rich Asians, comedy Johnny English Strikes Again and thriller The Predator to name a few.


The full schedule will be out for the rest of the week at this link.

Upcoming releases

According to 1MDB, 4 new movies will be released on 27 Sep in Singapore;

  • Searching (2018) – Genre: Mystery Thriller, “After his 16-year-old daughter goes missing, a desperate father breaks into her laptop to look for clues to find her.”
  • Smallfoot (2018) – Genre: Animated Comedy, “A Yeti is convinced that the elusive creatures known as “humans” really do exist.”
  • Hell Fest (2018) – Genre: Horror Film,  “A masked serial killer turns a horror themed amusement park into his own personal playground.”
  • Mara (2018) – Genre: Crime Thriller ,”Criminal psychologist Kate Fuller is assigned to the murder of a man who has seemingly been strangled in his sleep by his wife and the only witness is their eight-year-old daughter, Sophie.”

Start queuing early

Nowadays, one dollar seems to go a long way, from a plate of fish & chips to movie tickets.

Insanely Cheap $1 Fish & Chips At Big Fish Small Fish This Weekend

Time to whip your change out of that NTUC shopping cart and start sprinting to the theatre.

Despite the long commute to ulu Parkway Parade for most Singaporeans, you’ll be saving $7-10 per ticket.

So it may well be worth the journey.

Lookout for insane morning queues though, we’re sure this promo will go over well with budget-loving Singaporeans.

Featured image from Parkway Parade.