Chanel Bag Used To Chope Table In Orchard, Viral Video Captures ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Lifestyle

Chanel Bag Used To Chope Table At Orchard Mall

Everyone knows that the book ‘Crazy Rich Asians‘ and its film adaptation are largely based in Singapore.

As it turns out, many Singaporeans really do seem to be living the crazy rich lifestyle — at least, if their accessories are any indication.

Recently, TikTok user posted a video featuring the many luxury bags they spotted at Orchard Road.

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In fact, a Chanel bag was apparently seen being used to ‘chope’ a table in a mall.

The video left netizens impressed by the luxurious lifestyles of people in Singapore.

Someone used their Chanel bag to chope a table

The video starts off with a text overlay that reads, “Bags spotted in Orchard Road, Singapore”.

Before you know it, it cuts to shots of multiple people in the glitzy shopping district, each carrying a different luxury bag worth four figures or even more.

The OP chanced upon quite a few women toting Chanel bags, such as this lady with her Chanel Classic bag worth US$10,200 (S$13,500).

Source: on TikTok

Another person had even casually left their Chanel Boy, worth US$6,600 (S$8,740), on a table as though they were choping it.

Source: on TikTok

Most expensive bag spotted worth S$37,100

Besides the wide array of Chanel items, Hermès was a strong contender as well.

Out of all the bags featured, the most expensive one was a Hermès Kelly worth US$28,000 (S$37,100).

Source: on TikTok

In fact, a majority of the other Hermès products featured are priced in the five-figure range.

Netizens amazed by luxurious lifestyles of people in Singapore

The video has since garnered over 400,000 views at the time of writing, with viewers deeply impressed by the luxurious lifestyles of people in Singapore.

One netizen was shocked at how the owner of the Chanel Boy just left the expensive handbag on the table like it was nothing.

Source: on TikTok

However, some questioned the authenticity of the bags as well.

Source: on TikTok

Other Singaporeans also remarked that they themselves do not own such luxury bags.

Instead, they carry around much humbler totes from brands like Uniqlo.

Source: on TikTok

While many people in Singapore do own luxury bags, it is definitely not representative of the entire population.

In fact, for most of us, the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ lifestyle will just continue to remain a crazy dream.

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Featured image adapted from on TikTok.

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