M’sian YouTubers Use ChatGPT To Write Song About Jay Chou, It Comes Up With Gibberish Rap Lyrics

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Malaysian YouTubers Use ChatGPT To Write A Song About Jay Chou

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. From writing essays to full-length novels, the incredible Artificial Intelligence (AI) software has undoubtedly impressed users worldwide.

However, did you know that ChatGPT is musically inclined as well?

A group of Malaysian YouTubers put it to the test, prompting ChatGPT to write a song about none other than Jay Chou.

The AI bot not only created a catchy song, but its lyrics also appear to be throwing shade at Chou.

The song has successfully claimed a spot under one of YouTube’s top songs for the week.

ChatGPT writes a diss track about Jay Chou

On 23 Feb, Chou shared a post on his Instagram, saying, “Despite the capabilities of today’s artificial intelligence, my special touch of musicality can’t be recreated by a machine, and that’s why you don’t see me worrying about it”.

Upon seeing Chou’s post, the Malaysian YouTubers, SteadyGang, a trio known for creating Mandopop parodies, wished to challenge his claim.

As such, they prompted ChatGPT to write a song about Chou. Interestingly, the AI bot ended up writing Chinese lyrics that appear to be throwing shade at Chou. The English translation of the song sounds like this:

“We are Jay Chou fans, his music has a lot of meaning

But there are some lyrics, I can’t clearly hear quite a few words.”

Source: SteadyGang on YouTube

The AI bot likely alluded that Chou has poor pronunciation of his Chinese lyrics, often mumbling while singing.

Another part of the song also goes:

“You always make me feel so lost. What are you really singing?” 

Source: SteadyGang on YouTube

These lyrics, once again, focus on the difficulty of hearing his lyrics.

Chorus is a whole bunch of gibberish

The icing on top of the cake was when ChatGPT wrote gibberish for the chorus, perhaps replicating the confusion when one hears Chou’s songs.

Here’s how the chorus goes:

“龙宫金钟 长情纯冲 情场憧憧 挂你进梦 

场众声诵 轰动争宠 琵琶流脓 等我入宫

哗众取宠 泪水江重 情长崇称唇沧重

你听得懂吗?喔 ~”

When sung fast enough, it sounds much like something Chou would rap. However, if you attempt to decipher the lyrics, you will find that it makes no sense at all.

Song becomes one of YouTube’s top songs for the week

Since posting the music video about ChatGPT’s song on YouTube, the video has gained over 500,000 views.

It even became one of YouTube’s top songs for the week.

Netizens fawned over the song, highlighting that it sounded like something Jay Chou would produce.

Source: SteadyGang on YouTube

Furthermore, other netizens were pleasantly surprised by how good the song sounded. They highlighted that this song proved that ChatGPT’s songwriting skills are not to be overlooked.

Source: SteadyGang on YouTube

It seems as though ChatGPT may have the power to overthrow even the King of Mandopop.

Are there any other artistes you would like ChatGPT to write songs about? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from SteadyGang on YouTube.

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