Treat Someone In Need To Chicken Rice During ‘Circuit Breaker’ Via OK Chicken Rice’s Heartwarming Campaigns

We’re a week into the ‘Circuit Breaker’, and it looks like more hawkers are finding ways to support others, despite the social distancing.

OK Chicken Rice in Ang Mo Kio is one of them. It has been no stranger to giving back to the community, and now it has not one, but two programmes offering free food to those in need.

With these programmes, you can show your support for others and belanja (treat) them to a free meal during the ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Check out its Facebook post on one of them, a campaign called “Pay It Forward”:


Treat someone in need to a free meal

The first programme, which was started by a Facebook user named “Mei Lin Wong”, provides meals for anyone in need.

It’s meant to help anyone who may be struggling, or cheer up those who just need a boost.

Anyone can come forward, twice a day, to collect a packet of chicken rice for themselves via this initiative.

Image courtesy of OK Chicken Rice

If you’d like to donate a packet of chicken rice too, you can scan the QR code in the image.

Donations are strictly via PayNow. Each packet of rice costs $4, but any amount is welcome.

Free meals for taxi and public hire vehicle drivers

OK Chicken Rice’s 2nd initiative is “Have a Meal”, for drivers of taxis and private-hire vehicles.

Taxi drivers and private-hire drivers are struggling now that far fewer people are going out. Thus, OK Chicken Rice’s 2nd programme is solely for them.

They’re also entitled to 2 free meals per day, which they can collect from OK Chicken Rice.

Image courtesy of OK Chicken Rice

You can donate to this fund too, via PayNow. Just scan the QR code.

Providing hundreds of meals to people daily

On Tuesday (14 Apr), they’ve given out 136 packets of chicken rice to those in need.

Image courtesy of OK Chicken Rice

With a total of 686 sponsored meals lined up, there’s plenty to go around.

But of course, the numbers may dwindle soon as many come to claim free meals.

Just take a look at the people from all walks of life who came to get a packet:






Thus, to keep this programme going, they need donations. This is a great way to help others get through the ‘Circuit Breaker’, so do consider donating a few meals if you can.

Seeing the community through a dark time

Now that we can’t meet our friends, why not spend your money on those who need it most and belanja them a free meal through these programmes.

We sincerely applaud Mei Lin Wong and OK Chicken Rice for coming up with this collaborative project. It’s a great way to give back, and has definitely helped many in need.

Maybe this will inspire even more pay-it-forward movements by others.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and courtesy of OK Chicken Rice.