S’porean Asks People To Mask Up At Robertson Quay, Reminds Officers To Uphold Our Laws

Singaporean Exercises His Civic Duty By Urging People To Wear Masks At Robertson Quay

Wearing a mask for a long period of time can be uncomfortable but we have to endure until the coronavirus outbreak ends.

However, while the end of ‘Circuit Breaker’ is less than 2 weeks away, a netizen shared that some people were seen walking around without wearing masks.

He apparently caught a maskless man and warned him to follow the law. He also encouraged others to exercise their civic duty by politely walking up to people that are not masking up.

Here is his Facebook post in full.


Read on to find out how he reminded others to stop being complacent.

Netizen exercises civic duty

In the post, the netizen expressed his alarm over several people at Robertson Quay not donning their masks.

He approached 2 policemen and 2 social distancing ambassadors, who told him that some of these people were brisk walking.

The netizen expressed his frustration because brisk walking requires a walking speed of around 5km per hour, which was far from the offender’s slower pace.

To right the wrong, the netizen approached the man who was walking without a mask.


He says,

You are not jogging,You are not brisk walking,You are not running.

Afterward, the man in white shirt complied and followed his advice.


As the man was leaving, the netizen encouraged him to follow the law and respect our efforts to combat the virus.

People weren’t wearing masks properly at Robertson Quay

Based on the law, joggers are runners and are exempted from wearing masks while engaging in strenuous activity. Meanwhile, walking is not strenuous at all so locals must wear their masks.

While 2 policemen were monitoring the area, the netizen was disappointed at the sight of complacent individuals not wearing masks.


He claims that this man stood in the area for 20 minutes while talking on the phone and carrying his bag. But he was not exercising or engaging in strenuous activity.


An elderly couple also wandered the area without wearing a mask. As a result, the netizen claims he politely requested them to wear a mask.


Another man had a mask but he wasn’t even wearing it properly.


To stop the outbreak, he encouraged policemen and social distancing ambassadors to exercise their own duties, uphold the laws, and call out offenders.

Mask up or stay home

Social distancing and wearing a mask is the new normal until we successfully stop the pandemic.

We understand that it seems uncomfortable to mask up for a long period of time. But this is only a small sacrifice in exchange for stopping more Covid-19 cases.

If you find it difficult to mask up, then stay home as much as possible. Every little sacrifice we’re making counts so we’ll hopefully be able to get over this crisis soon.

Featured image from Facebook. 

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