Clementi Forest Trail Proposed By Nature Lover, With Elevated Boardwalk Into Heart Of Misty Plain

Nature Lover Proposes 1.95km Trail From Clementi To Maju Forest

This year, since we’re mostly “trapped” in Singapore due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, many locals have taken to exploring parks and nature reserves within our island.

Among others, Clementi Forest is one of the hidden gems that have been uncovered to be a nature paradise.


Inspired to protect the rich biodiversity of the unique forest, one man came up with a proposal for a nature trail there and shared it over Facebook.


His proposal includes an elevated boardwalk that passes through the forest’s most iconic sites, including the magical misty plain.

Proposal includes 500m-long boardwalk through Clementi Forest

Nature lover Mr Li’s hope is to create a nature trail straight through the heart of Clementi Forest.

He even produced a well-designed impression of the proposal, aptly calling it “A Trail Into The Misty Forest Of An Enclave And Beyond”.

Part of the trail includes a 500m-long elevated boardwalk that begins at Clementi Road and runs along the left bank of a stream towards the Rail Corridor.


On this trail, hikers will be bounded by dense forestation on one side, and able to appreciate the beauty of the dreamy plain by circling partly around it.

The boardwalk will make the iconic site easily accessible with just a 200m walk from the main road.

Nature trail connects to Jurong rail corridor

The boardwalk ends near the Rail Corridor, but the trail goes on at the less-known train tracks of the abandoned Jurong Railway Line.

As visitors walk amid the lush foliage of secondary forest, they’ll soon encounter the abandoned Clementi Rail Underpass.

Clementi Forest proposalSource

The 650m route will introduce them to the beauty and historical value of the Jurong/Western line, said Mr Li.

Nature trail stretches to Maju Forest

The underpass leads directly to Maju Forest.

As they continue for 800m more on the Jurong rail corridor trail, nature lovers can bask in the majestic beauty of an untouched forest as they traverse along a historic railway track.

Clementi Forest proposalSource

The trail ends at Sunset Way, by which time trekkers would have covered some 1.95km.


However, we’re sure visitors won’t even notice the length of the journey, given how enthralling it would be.

A bid to conserve Clementi Forest

Mr Li has come up with this proposal in a bid to conserve the precious nature site for future generations.

Not only is this area a unique forest with rich biodiversity, it also has historic value.

Research has found that Clementi forest is home to 98 species of vascular plants, 43 of which are exotic.

Thus, it plays an irreplaceable role in the conservation of Singapore’s native flora and fauna.

Clementi Forest proposalSource

Considering its inherent value, Mr Li hopes authorities will take his Clementi Forest proposal into consideration.

He’s apparently already sent it to the relevant decision-makers at the following boards:

  • Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
  • Ministry of National Development (MND)
  • National Parks Board (NParks)

Netizens show support for proposal

Local conservation groups have long been concerned about protecting this precious area that Singapore has yet to declare a nature reserve.

Many netizens felt Mr Li’s proposal for Clementi Forest was praiseworthy and doable.

Clementi Forest proposalSource

However, others had reservations about the boardwalk, and how it will affect the untouched nature of the forest.

Clementi Forest proposalSource

To this, some responded that boardwalks actually conserve nature better as it prevents people from trampling on forest grounds.

Overall, the proposal has received positive responses, with many hoping the Government will take it into account when making plans for the area.

Clementi Forest proposalSource

After all, as Singapore becomes increasingly urbanised, there’s a growing need to conserve such rare nature spaces.

Hope such nature spaces will be conserved

As land-scarce Singapore continues on the path towards the development of our spaces for human use, planners often face a dilemma on how to strike a balance between modernisation and conservation.

Amid that great challenge, protecting nature spaces like Clementi Forest is something worth considering.

It’ll be a tragic loss to see this idyllic spot disappear, and we can only hope that it’ll one day achieve the same status as places like Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Sungei Buloh.

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