Colourful Flowers Bloom Across S’pore, As If Spring Has Arrived At Our Little Red Dot

Colourful Flowers Bloom Across Singapore, As If Spring Is Here

Spring might not be an official season in our hot and humid city. However, the diverse foliage on our island is in full bloom, providing a splash of colour to our little red dot.

Many Singapore residents caught sight of beautiful flowers blooming across our island yesterday (24 Mar), and shared pictures of them online.

If you want to witness the ‘spring season’ yourself, here are some notable finds from eagle-eyed netizens.

1. Trumpet tree at Simei

At this time of the year, cherry blossoms usually trigger our wanderlust.

For travel-starved locals who miss Japan’s springtime attractions, our very own gorgeous trumpet tree seems to be a gorgeous alternative.

Colourful flowersSource

A netizen joked it should be called ‘sakulah’, and we think it might fit.

2. Yellow Saraca at Serangoon Park Connector

The yellow saraca is a relative of the ashoka tree, which are considered sacred in India. In Sanskrit, ashoka means ‘without sorrow’ so if you’re feeling down, we hope these striking flowers may uplift your spirits.

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3. Cat Claw Ivy at Pasir Ris

Next time you visit Pasir Ris, you might want to take a peek at the abundant Cat Claw Ivy. Life may be filled with ups and downs, but these sunshine-coloured flowers will remind you to remain optimistic.

Colourful flowers 2Source

4. Pink Mempat at Pasir Ris Town Park

Pink Mempat typically has a crown of light-pink flowers amid red or green foliage. Try picking up the blooms that fall from the tree to see how it stacks up against Japan’s cherry blossoms.


5. Bougainvilleas near Dhoby Ghaut

Our stalwart bougainvilleas come in shades of pink, yellow, purple, orange, or magenta. Take the time to appreciate your surroundings and you might even spot these in your very own neighbourhood.


6. Malayan Crape Myrtle at East Coast Parkway

With these Malayan Crape Myrtle trees, there’s no need to travel far to experience autumn yourself. Fellow cyclists and joggers may be compelled to stop and stare at this rare scenery.


7. Sandpaper vine at Jalan Kembangan

Sandpaper vines boast of alluring star-shaped flowers that can climb our fences. True to its name, it has rough-textured leaves that will remind you of sandpaper.


8. Pelican Flower at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Sometimes, rare beauties are found if you look close to the ground, like this Pelican flower in Singapore Botanic Gardens. The trumpet-shaped flower only lasts for 2 days so cherish the moment if you’re lucky enough to discover it.


Appreciate colourful flowers in our midst

While current travel restrictions have stopped us from experiencing the four seasons, our rich greenery proves that we don’t have to travel far to witness spring.

More importantly, appreciating what we have could lead us to rare attractions hidden in our midst.

Have you found any pretty flowers blooming in our city? Share your discoveries in the comments below.

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