S’pore Bakery Has Coriander Cakes, We’re Unsure If They’re A Birthday Surprise Or Horror

Baker’s Brew Studio Serves Coriander Cakes, Orders End 30 Sep

Cakes evoke images of sweet ingredients like chocolates, sugar, and whipped cream. But what if an all-too-familiar pungent herb is added to the mix?

On Wednesday (22 Sep), Baker’s Brew Studio surprised local foodies with their coriander cakes and cupcakes. The one-of-a-kind pastries are available for order until Thursday (30 Sep).


Love or hate ‘em, these will definitely either surprise or horrify family and guests at your dining table. Or both.

Singapore bakery serves coriander cakes

Over the years, we’ve seen coriander turned into mooncakes, bubble tea, and ice cream.

If you’ve never tried this herb as a dessert, we’ve found a cake you can taste close to home.

Baker Brew’s Studio has launched its very first OG Coriander Cake. True to its name, you’ll find a neat pile of herbs used as the topping for the cake.

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Perhaps picky eaters can even get away with taking out the leafy green garnish, assuming there’s no coriander filling.

For birthdays and special occasions, you can opt for Coriander Dedication Cakes. This may be one of the best gifts to show your love to coriander-loving friends and your fam.

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For hesitant foodies, we recommend opting for these smol coriander cupcakes. Regardless of your first impression, give this dessert a chance before giving your final verdict.

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Limited to 50 sets only until 30 Sep

According to Baker Brew’s Studio, their Coriander Cakes are limited to 50 sets only. They’re accepting orders until next Thursday (30 Sep).

Their menu includes the OG Coriander Cake, Coriander Dedication Cake, and Coriander Cupcakes.


Die-hard coriander fans will definitely add this to their bucket list, so interested customers should make an order via their WhatsApp at 8877 8870 as soon as possible.

Coriander as a dessert ingredient

Every few months, it seems bakers are experimenting with new types of coriander desserts.

Only time will tell whether these will become mainstream, but we’re happy to learn that there’s an option we can try close to home.

Maybe coriander cakes aren’t delicious for everyone, but at least they’re nutritious, right?

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