Coriander Taro Bubble Tea Inspired By Taiwanese Ice Cream Spring Roll Is A Confusing Treat

You’ll Either Love Or Hate This Coriander Taro Bubble Tea

Taiwan is the epicentre of Asian street food, especially sweet treats like bubble tea. A classic treat that you have to eat when you visit their night markets is their Ice Cream Spring Roll.

With a thin, popiah-like skin encasing ground peanuts, taro ice cream and a sprig of coriander, the iconic night market treat is a fan favourite.


Qingyuan Taro Ball, known for its traditional Taiwanese desserts, put a spin on the classic treat, turning it into a bubble tea beverage instead.


Coriander bubble tea drink went viral on Chinese social media

The experimental drink has taken China’s social media sites by storm, popping up on users’ Weibo pages with questions like, “Would you drink this?” attached.


Promotional pictures make it look pretty refreshing, and even indulgent, but how good can a vegetable-topped taro drink be?


Consists of peanuts, taro & coriander powder

A video by INNEWS gives us a closer look at just what’s going in the leafy beverage.

They first coat the walls of the cup with what looks like peanut butter, and then break out the first green ingredient – coriander powder – which is sprinkled onto the peanut butter liberally, coating it in a pungent green.


After adding taro pearls and the drink, the cup still looks a little empty. A suspiciously green liquid that is hopefully matcha, but is most likely coriander, goes on top and fixes that.


A generous bunch of fresh coriander crowns the curious concoction, greeting your lips from the first sip. Yum?


We’ll let you study that till the overwhelming smell starts to invade your brain.

A drink for adventurous folks

I personally am a big fan of coriander, but even that clip of green juice made me gag. To each his own!

This drink definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. If you don’t love coriander as much as you thought you did, you might wanna give it a pass.

Since the drink is in Taiwan, there’s no saying when you can have a taste, or if it will ever reach Singapore. But if you’re so curious now, why not try to mix up your own version at home?

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Featured image adapted from Beauty321 and Pinterest

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