Boba Coriander Noodles Should Give You More Ideas For A Wholesome BBT Diet

Coriander Noodle Store In Hong Kong Adds BBT Pearls To Its Signature Dish

Just when you thought the boundaries were pushed to their limits, someone had to extend them. We’re talking about the greatest gastronomic fad of the young Asian population of the 21st century — bubble tea.

They love the combination of milk, tea and tapioca balls so much that they’re willing to give fame to anything that inculcates any single aspect of bubble tea into a dish. It could be ice cream, udon or even cooked crustaceans, where there’s a hint of BBT, there is love.

Today, we give you yet another concoction to complement the cosmic wheel of BBT. It’s coriander noodles topped with distinct, sugary pearls. Some people might call them boba, but hey, we’re all worshipping the same ‘diety’ here.

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The coriander-flavoured noodles are sold by a store in Hong Kong. You can find their Instagram page here. This boba coriander noodle dish isn’t on the menu, but it most definitely is something you can make at home.

Coriander noodles come in 4 flavours

For those more intrigued by the coriander-infused noodles, you can purchase them for HK$80 (S$14) per bag. The page didn’t specify how heavy one bag is. Each bag comes with a small sachet of coriander sprinkle.


The noodles come in 4 flavours — onion, pepper, sesame oil and traditional.


Taking BBT to infinity and beyond

If this dish and the others before it shows us anything, it’s that when you love BBT more than you love your pet terrapin, the possibilities and permutations are endless.

For all we know, the next time we’re writing about BBT, we’re writing about burger patties made, instead of plants, BBT. That’s when we know we’re getting somewhere.

Featured images adapted from Instagram and Facebook.

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