Elderly Artist Sells Crochet Items At Toa Payoh MRT, Cries After 1st Sale In Days

Elderly Artist Sells Crochet Items At Toa Payoh MRT, Cries After 1st Sale In Days

Singapore Woman Raises Awareness Of Elderly Crochet Artist At Toa Payoh MRT Station

Far too often, the elderly slip through the cracks of society due to unfortunate circumstances. In these situations, it is up to us to do what we can to help them.

One woman in Singapore recently did this by sharing a post on Facebook to spread awareness about an elderly lady who sells crochet items at Toa Payoh MRT station.

crochet artist

Source: Viral Kindness SG on Facebook

Unfortunately, business has been quite slow for the lady. When OP purchased some bottle holders, the elderly woman reportedly broke down in tears as it was her first sale in days.

Moved by the sight, OP is now urging the public to support the artist by buying her products.

Elderly crochet artist weaves patterns by hand

On Sunday (13 Aug), Jaya Dutta took to the Viral Kindness SG Facebook page to detail a recent encounter she had with an elderly crochet seller at Toa Payoh MRT station.

crochet artist

Source: Facebook

The elderly woman, whose name is Cathrine, usually sets up her little stall at Exit D of the station on weekdays.

She can be seen crocheting a wide variety of products by hand for hours, each one unique in its own right.

crochet artist

Source: Viral Kindness SG on Facebook

According to Ms Dutta, Madam Cathrine diligently follows pattern books and always makes new things in order to attract more customers.

She even takes customised orders and is willing to create anything that a customer wants.

Experiencing poor business for past few days

Unfortunately, times have been tough for Madam Cathrine.

When Ms Dutta bought some crochet bottle holders, it was the first time Madam Cathrine had sold anything in a few days. This touched her so much that she broke down in tears.

In a note seen in Ms Dutta’s video, Madam Cathrine explained that she needs the money to financially support her sister.

Source: Viral Kindness SG on Facebook

Although Ms Dutta does not personally know Madam Cathrine, she felt a lot of sympathy for the elderly woman, who spends long hours sitting there and crocheting.

She included Madam Cathrine’s number in her post, saying that customers can contact her directly to place an order.

She stressed that Madam Cathrine is not looking for any donations — just customers who would like to appreciate her work.

In response, netizens praised Ms Dutta for helping to spread the word about someone in need.

Source: Viral Kindness SG on Facebook

Some even declared that they will be placing orders with Madam Cathrine, gushing over the beauty of her work.

Source: Viral Kindness SG on Facebook

Hope business improves for Madam Cathrine

Times are difficult for everyone right now, but some groups have it harder than others.

Kudos to Ms Dutta for stepping up to help Madam Cathrine. Hopefully, with the power of social media, Madam Cathrine’s business will enjoy a much-needed boost.

If you’d like to get some crochet items for yourself or a loved one, do drop by the station or get in touch with Madam Cathrine via the details here to place an order. We’re sure it will make her day.

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Featured image adapted from Viral Kindness SG on Facebook.

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