S’porean Cyclist Cuts In Front Of Garbage Truck, Gets Knocked Over, Then Starts Swearing Loudly

Garbage Truck Knocks Over Cyclist Beside Mustafa Centre

Recently, the government added more cycling routes to protect cyclists from potential accidents when travelling on roads.

However, even the most fool-proof measures can be thwarted by irresponsible cyclists.

A video showing a lady being knocked over by a garbage truck beside Mustafa Centre went viral on Facebook this morning (8 Apr).

Fortunately, she went in between the wheels and seemed to have emerged fine.


You can view the full video here.

Cyclist cuts in front of the garbage truck

Driving at night is difficult, and it is made even tougher with careless cyclists.

A garbage truck was making rounds around Syed Alwi Road at 1.10am today (8 Apr) when a cyclist moved into its lane.

The cyclist cut extremely close to the front of the truck, moving into its blind spot.


This resulted in the garbage truck knocking over the cyclist. Under the truck, you can hear the lady screaming in panic.

Hearing the cries for help, one man came out from the passenger seat to find out what was going on while two passersby signalled for the truck to reverse.

After noticing the passersby’s actions, the truck driver reversed to free her from under the truck.

Cyclist hurled vulgarities after

After being she was released, she remained in the same position and started to hurl vulgarities at the truck driver.


In between consecutive swearing, she explained that she was stuck underneath the vehicle and tries to justify her moving into the driver’s lane.

However, many netizens don’t agree with her side of the story after seeing the full video.

Netizens blame the careless cyclist

Many netizens blame the cyclists for her carelessness as she cut into the lane without considering the dangers.


Another netizen said that cyclists should be responsible and look out for big trucks.


One other netizen also comments that the cyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet and her bike had no blinkers, both of which are required by Singapore law.


Practice safe cycling

The road can be a very dangerous place for everyone. As responsible Singaporeans, we should be concerned about everyone’s safety.

As cyclists, you should always have a helmet on and take note of your surroundings. Especially when there are heavy vehicles around. Having lights on your bicycle while travelling at night also extremely important.

Something you definitely don’t want to do

Keep yourself safe. After all, we all have loved ones waiting for us at home.

Featured image from Facebook.

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