Dakota Crescent Demolition A Tangible Sign Of Historic Estate’s Impending Disappearance

Many Singaporeans are familiar with the Dakota Crescent estate, which was built in 1958 before the Housing Development Board (HDB) was established.

It appears that demolition works have started, a clear sign that the iconic flats will soon be no more.

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Several netizens have shared photos and video clips of the demolition process.

Dakota Crescent demolished from top to bottom

In an image shared by a Reddit user, an excavator with a hydraulic demolition tool is seen tearing down Block 4 of Dakota Crescent.

A portion of the roof as well as several floors below visibly turned to rubble.

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A video by Facebook user Patrick on 10 Nov indicates that the demolition works may have started earlier, at a different block.

The sight hits us in the feels as the estate is steeped in Singapore’s rich history. According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), it was built by the now defunct Singapore Improvement Trust when Singapore was still under British rule.

Soon, newer HDB flats will take its place, offering new residents a home closer to the city.

Estate won’t disappear entirely

Thankfully, the historical estate will not fully disappear. The Central cluster, which includes the iconic Dove playground will be conserved along with 6 blocks, reports TODAY.

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This means that Singaporeans who grew up in the estate can come back for a trip down memory lane.

Younger Singaporeans who haven’t seen the buildings can also appreciate how far we have come in terms of public housing.

Block 16Source

A step forward

While it is saddening to see such a mature estate go, they will make way for higher rise blocks that can house more families for generations to come.

Fortunately, authorities have made an effort to conserve parts of the historical estate so an important piece of our past can remain.

Regardless, we’re sure that past residents will still miss their beloved homes. Hopefully with a portion of it still erect, they can continue to reminisce the good times they had there and remind younger Singaporeans of a memorable past.

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Featured image adapted from Reddit and Facebook.