Dog Goes Missing After Running Out Of House In Serangoon Gardens

When pets go missing, it is only natural for their owners to be worried, especially when the animals are suffering from preexisting medical conditions.

A dog named Hailey recently ran out of her house today (20 Sep). Wearing a purple collar, she was last seen around Serangoon Gardens in the morning.


Since Hailey’s legs are not that strong, her owners hope they will find her soon.

Pet dog last seen at Serangoon Gardens

Ever since Hailey’s disappearance, her owners has been feeling worried. They have since reached out to causesforanimals_sg (@causesforanimals_sg) on Instagram to alert more people.


According to the post, Hailey ran out of the house at 8.20am with only her purple collar. The housing estate is in the Chuan area in Serangoon Gardens.

Hailey was last spotted at the Cardiff and Li Hwan area.

The post also cautioned those who spot Hailey not to chase her as she has luxating patella—a condition in which the kneecap has moved out of its usual location.

Due to this ailment, Hailey might be limping. Hence it is important not to startle and cause her to run away.

Hope pet dog will be found soon

If you have any crucial information about Hailey, you can contact her owners using the number in the Instagram post.

While it has only been less than a day since Hailey ran away, it is still distressing, especially with her condition.

Hopefully, Hailey will be able to reunite with her family soon.

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Featured image adapted from causesforanimals_sg on Instagram