Singaporeans Queue Up For Blood Donation To Aid Dwindling Supply In Blood Bank

Last Friday (14 Feb), the Singapore Red Cross called for Singaporeans to donate their blood, as blood stock levels for certain blood types were running critically low.

Heartwarmingly, large crowds of eligible donors appeared at blood banks in Singapore over the weekend to help replenish the national blood stock.


Even so, the Singapore Red Cross is currently still urging more people to do the same, considering the prevalent shortage of A- and AB- blood.

Queues to donate blood formed since morning over the weekend

As Singapore’s blood supply fell to critically low levels last week, the Singapore Red Cross took to Facebook to encourage Singaporeans to donate blood.

Over the weekend, donors from all walks of life apparently started streaming into the blood banks early in the morning and queues formed nearing the afternoon.


Unfortunately due to the extended waiting times, many office workers on a tighter schedule had to head back to work even before they could donate.


Still short of supply for certain blood types

Though many answered the call for help, the Singapore Red Cross still require assistance, especially those with A- and AB- blood types.

These two blood types are at critical levels, according to the blood stock update as of Tuesday (18 Feb).


Furthermore, bloodstock levels are still low for the following types:

  • A+
  • B+
  • O+
  • B-
  • O-

If your blood type falls in the above list, do consider donating your blood to replenish our blood banks and helping the patients who need them. You can check if you are an eligible donor here.

A safe environment for blood donors willing to donate

The Singapore Red Cross is also taking extra precautionary measures in light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Staff are disinfecting the beds and cleaning the areas more regularly, maintaining cleanliness even with a crowd.


Give blood, save lives

In crucial moments like this, the healthcare sector needs the support of fellow Singaporeans.

By sacrificing 60 minutes of your time, your donation can save up to 3 lives.

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You can find the nearest blood bank on the Singapore Red Cross website.

Kudos to all the kind souls who responded to the call for help and donated their blood to aid in stocking up our blood supply.

We hope to see more Singaporeans donating blood this week.

Featured image adapted from Facebook