Driver Brakes Intermittently, Causing Bus Behind To Crash Into It

For unknown reasons, some drivers who are unhappy with other motorists have a weird habit of playing the dangerous ‘braking’ game with those behind them.

Even if one is a safe driver, accidents can still happen because of other inconsiderate road users.

A yellow Honda was recently seen braking intermittently a total of 3 times in front of a bus.

Unfortunately, the bus was unable to brake in time when the Honda cut into its lane and stopped abruptly.

Driver of yellow Honda brakes intermittently

A video was recently posted on Beh Chia Lor’s Facebook page about an inconsiderate driver of a yellow Honda.

It seemed like something happened before the video started as the passenger of the yellow car popped out to take a picture of the bus.


The passenger also shouted something that sounded like an expletive.

As the red light turned green, other cars started to move, including the yellow Honda. However, it stopped a few seconds after and turned on its hazard lights.


The bus could be heard honking multiple times. Other drivers behind the bus also honked at the driver for stopping.

Car driver stops at the green light

The yellow Honda stopped for about 22 seconds before moving slowly and stopping again, just before the traffic light.


This time, it stopped for another 15 seconds and drove to the right lane.


However, the yellow Honda abruptly returned to the left lane and jammed on the brakes again.


Unfortunately, the bus was unable to stop in time and crashed into the yellow Honda.


The man behind the camera asked the driver if he was okay before moving back to his seat.

Before the viewers could see what the commotion was about, the video ended.

Netizens praise bus driver’s patience

Watching the video itself can be pretty upsetting, let alone being in the bus driver’s shoes. Hence, many netizens praised the bus driver for his patience.


Many admonished the driver of the yellow Honda for his inconsiderate and dangerous behaviour.


They also hoped that authorities would take action against the driver.


Be considerate of other drivers

Though we do not know what happened before the video started, it is wrong to drive in a dangerous and reckless manner on the road.

Purposely braking without a valid excuse puts other people’s lives at risk, especially since the bus is carrying passengers.

Furthermore, the passengers of the yellow Honda could’ve been badly injured from the impact of the collision.

Hopefully, the authorities can launch an investigation and take whoever is at fault to task.

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Featured image adapted from Beh Chia Lor on Facebook