Woman Pays S$7.50 For Economic Noodles At KK Hospital Kopitiam, Netizens Say It’s Too Expensive

Woman Spends S$7.50 On Economic Noodles At KK Hospital Kopitiam, Netizens Say It's Too Expensive

Woman Buys Economic Noodles At Hospital Kopitiam For S$7.50, Each Ingredient Costs S$2

When it comes to the world’s most expensive places to live, Singapore often finds itself topping most lists.

Still, many take pride in how we have relatively cheap food options thanks to our hawker centres and kopitiams.

These days, however, even the prices there seem to be rising.

One woman recently proved this by sharing a TikTok video about her economic noodles, which set her back S$7.50.


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She shared that each ingredient in her meal – luncheon meat, fish fillet, and nuggets – cost S$2 each.

Others agreed that the dish, which she bought at the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) food court, was way too overpriced.

S$2 for thin slice of luncheon meat

On Monday (15 Aug), TikTok user @vikeeganesan posted a clip of her S$7.50 economic noodles.

She went through what was in her meal one by one. Firstly, there was a “thin” slice of luncheon meat that cost S$2.

Source: @Vikeeganesan on TikTok

Then, there was a fish fillet and three pieces of chicken nuggets. These ingredients cost her S$2 each.

The receipt also lists “Add On C”, presumably the bee hoon, which was S$1.50.

Source: @Vikeeganesan on TikTok

Price of economic noodles seems unfair

OP shared that she purchased the meal from the Mixed Veg Rice stall at Healthy Kopitiam, the food court at KKH.

Source: @Vikeeganesan on TikTok

She went on to say that if the stall was going to charge S$2 per item, they should give a bigger portion to make it worthwhile for customers.

Pointing out the “super thin” luncheon meat once again, she said that it was not right for the stall to be charging S$2 for it.

economic noodles kopitiam

Source: @Vikeeganesan on TikTok

Netizens agree meal is too expensive

The video has since garnered over 42,500 views on TikTok at the time of writing.

It was later posted on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group, where it amassed over 240 shares.

Many netizens agreed with the woman, saying that it was “super expensive” and not to patronise the stall.

economic noodles kopitiam

Source: @Vikeeganesan on TikTok

Several users even went so far as to call it “daylight robbery”.

economic noodles kopitiam

Source: @Vikeeganesan on TikTok

Another pointed out that with S$2, one could actually get a whole tin of luncheon meat instead of one measly slice.

economic noodles kopitiam

Source: @Vikeeganesan on TikTok

Hope something can be done about the prices

The cost of living has been continuously rising and we are seeing more complaints about unusually high prices for usually cheap food.

The fact that this happened in a hospital, where people are already anxious and dealing with medical bills, makes it even more concerning.

Hopefully, something can be done about this before things get way too out of hand.

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Featured image adapted from @Vikeeganesan on TikTok.

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