Learning Journey Education Centre Gives Students Hand Sanitiser For Free To Encourage Sharing

Most students associate education centres with piles of homework, and may never think of it as a place to go to when they’re in need.

Learning Journey Education Centre, however, is challenging that stereotype by caring for more than just their students’ grades.

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak and the difficulty of purchasing disinfectant and cleaning products, this tuition centre is giving their students hand sanitiser for free.

Image courtesy of Learning Journey

Students can get hand sanitiser for free from the education centre

According to a representative of the education centre, the motivation behind the initiative was mainly to teach their students a lesson on humanity and sharing.

With “retailers trying to rip Singaporeans off when it comes to masks and hand sanitisers”, some students were understandably taken aback by the kind gesture.

Image courtesy of Learning Journey

Students in disbelief about free hand sanitiser

The centre also shared some of their young students’ responses.

Some student couldn’t believe that the hand sanitisers were being gifted to them. They asked, bewildered,

Is this for free?

Another told their tutor that they would “cherish the bottle”, exclaiming,

It’s so precious now!

The bottles they received are refillable, so teachers reminded them to return the empty bottles to the centre so they could be reused.

Image courtesy of Learning Journey

The centre also hopes that students will share the bottles of sanitiser with their friends, just as it’s been shared with them.

Kudos to the centre for going the wonderful initiative

We think this is a wonderful initiative, and applaud folks over at the centre for going the extra mile for their students’ well-being.

We hope the students will intended lesson will bear fruit and students will be as generous with their hand sanitiser as their tuition centre was to them.

Featured image courtesy of Learning Journey Education Centre.