McDonald’s M’sia Now Has Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng That Is Probably Spicer Than Mala

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Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng Is Reportedly 3 Times Spicier Than Its Regular Counterpart

Update (25 Jul): According to McDonald’s Singapore, these offerings are “specific” to McDonald’s outlets in Malaysia.

But if you’d like to give these new dishes a try, head on down to a McDonald’s outlet in Johor Bahru this weekend!


The McSpicy burger is no doubt the favourite of every spice-loving Singaporean whenever they’re at a McDonald’s outlet.

If you think that’s great, wait till you hear what just hit McDonald’s outlets across the Causeway.

Starting Tuesday (23 Jul), Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng that’s every spice lover’s wildest dream will be released at all McDonald’s Malaysia outlets.


It’s very, very spicy

As its name suggests, the Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng is going to be – you guessed it – very spicy.


In fact, it is reportedly 3 times spicier than the regular Ayam Goreng, which is basically McWings but made using thigh meat.


Just one look at the bright crimson skin and it may be enough to send all xiao la eaters scurrying.


Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng available from just S$4.60

The Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng was first available from 28-30 Jun at 2 Selangor McDonald’s outlet as part of a “trial”.

Though available for only 3 days, the Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng received rave reviews from those lucky enough to try it.

One YouTuber gave it a solid 8/10 and claims that “the heat creeps up on you“.

Another Twitter user claimed it was so spicy that tasted like something from hell and also left a hole in his underwear when he defecated.


If only he had these pair of pants on.

Now, listen carefully and you’ll be able to hear all the da la eaters of Malaysia celebrating.

The Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng may burn a hole in your pants, but is affordable enough that your wallet will be spared.

Here’s how much it will cost.

  • 2 pieces McValue Meal: S$4.62 (RM13.99)
  • 3 pieces McValue Meal: S$5.96 (RM17.99)
  • 5 pieces Share Box: S$8.93 (RM27)
  • 9 Pieces Share Box: S$14.88 (RM45)

Each McValue Meal comes with fries and drinks.

Cempedak McFlurry & Nasi Lemak McD

Other new dishes have also been released together with the Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng.

Those who prefer something more substantial should consider going for the Nasi Lemak McD, relaunched with ikan bilis, fried egg, and a generous amount of sambal.

S$4.30(RM12.99) for 1 piece chicken and S$5.29 (RM15.99) for 2 pieces

If your tolerance for spicy food is only of xiao la standard, the brand new Cempedak McFlurry S$1.98 (RM5.99)  will help extinguish the fire rampaging through oral cavities.


Hope it’ll be available in Singapore too

At the time of writing, these dishes are not available at McDonald’s outlets here in Singapore.

We’ve reached out to McDonald’s Singapore to enquire if they will be brought over in the future.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to have them ASAP, we advise heading to a McDonald’s outlet across the Causeway right away to satisfy your cravings for spicy food.

Featured image from McDonald’s Malaysia and thelcpress

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