MOH Debunks Fake News Of 2 Covid-19 Patients Escaping From MacPherson Hospital

MOH Debunks Covid-19 Fake News Circulating On Facebook & WhatsApp

Since Covid-19 first made an appearance in Singapore, there has been a steady stream of fake news about the outbreak.

False information regarding the new coronavirus is so prevalent that the Ministry Of Health has dedicated an entire page on its website to debunking fake news about the new coronavirus.


On Thursday (19 Mar), MOH debunked yet another fake news. This time, regarding 2 Covid-19 patients who allegedly escaped from a hospital.

MOH debunks fake news of Covid-19 patients breaking Quarantine Order

According to MOH, a rumour has been circulating about 2 Covid-19 male patients who broke their Quarantine Order and fled from a hospital.

This is not true.

MOH then clarified that as of Thursday (19 Mar), 5pm, no confirmed Covid-19 cases have left any hospitals in Singapore without going through proper discharge procedure.


While we can’t ascertain for sure, this is likely the fake news that MOH was seeking to clarify.


The above post was shared on a Facebook group about Covid-19 updates. It has since been taken down.

The post also claims that the pair escaped from a facility in MacPherson.

Same photo used in Malaysia fake news

When MS News reverse searched the image of the 2 individual, we found that the same photos circulated in Malaysia earlier this week.


Fake news was also going around suggesting that the pair had escaped from Port Dickson Hospital in Malaysia after testing positive for Covid-19.


The false rumours have since been debunked by the Malaysian health authorities, who said the pair were not tested for Covid-19 even though they were at the hospital.

Don’t spread fake news

If you’ve heard the above rumour from your friends and families, share this article with them so they do not fall for fake news.

The coronavirus has caused everyone around the world enough anxiety, spreading fake news will only add unnecessary stress to everyone’s life.

If you come across something too far-fetched to be true, perhaps it’s better to double-check with the official authorities before spreading it around. You don’t want to spread the coronavirus, but neither would you want to propagate fake news.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and TripAdvisor.

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