Woman Seeks Furniture & Home Appliances From The Public To Help Struggling Family Of 4

UPDATE (9pm): The woman has removed the post. We’re currently trying to ascertain whether donations are still needed.

Many of us live comfortably in clean and furnished homes, but it is not a privilege everyone has, especially when they face challenging circumstances.

On Thursday (15 Apr), a woman shared a story of a family of 4, whose home is sorely lacking in furniture and electrical appliances.


The family struggles with home maintenance as the mother is handicapped, leaving the father as the sole breadwinner of the home.

The woman now seeks the public’s help to donate items as well as money to assist the family.


Family has a home without much furniture & appliances

While home is a place of comfort and rest, it is difficult when the place isn’t adequately furnished and maintained.

So when a woman came across a family who has been living in a house with cluttered and unfurnished rooms, she decided to share their story.

The family of 4 comprises a handicapped mother, a father, and 2 children aged 15 and 17.

Their kitchen appears bare with only a sink and washing machines in sight.


The household’s cooking seems to be done in the bedroom instead where induction cookers were placed on the floor, alongside a rice cooker.

These are only a few of the items amongst many others in the cluttered bedroom where hardly any walking space is left.

Broken tiles around house

Besides furniture, the house also requires some maintenance work.

Their floor tiles appear broken and soiled.

Family furniture appliancesSource

This can pose a danger for the family as they move around.

Family appeals furniture appliancesSource

In a bedroom, the wallpaper seems tattered and in need of fixing. The mattress in the room looks old and stained as well.

Besides that, the family also looks after several cats.

Family appeals furniture appliancesSource

Seeks donations for family

Besides their home upkeep problems, the woman shares that the 48-year-old mother also has a heart condition and is need of medication.

Due to this, the husband is the sole breadwinner of the family.

Now, the woman is hoping to help the family out, appealing to the public for furniture, utensils, kitchenware, appliances as well as monetary assistance.

She hopes that the public’s collective effort will ease the family’s burdens.

Hope family will receive help they need

Many kind Singaporeans have already stepped forward to offer up some appliances and help to the family.

So if you can afford to donate or have unused appliances and furniture around the house, do contact the woman via Facebook here.

Hopefully, with everyone’s help, the family’s home will become a comfy haven for them to spend time with one another.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.