Mum & Daughter Chased Out Of Home With $85 Left Need Appliances & Furniture

Having a home we can always return to is a privilege not many of us may realise we enjoy. A mum and daughter in Singapore were robbed of that privilege when they were chased out of their home recently.

Thankfully, the Housing & Development Board (HDB) managed to allocate a rental home to them, but that was only half the battle won.

With less than $100 in their possession, the pair needed help to furnish their home with basic necessities.

Punggol MP seeks help on behalf of mum & daughter duo

On Wednesday (27 Jan), Punggol West SMC MP Sun Xueling took to Facebook to share the plight of a resident in her ward.


In late Dec 2020, a particular Mdm N and her 7-year-old daughter were chased out of their home by her husband, with only $85 in their possession.

Without a job and seeking refuge in a crisis shelter in Serangoon, Mdm N worried about how she would manage expenses when her daughter starts school.

Originally from Vietnam, she had no one here to turn to for help. Ms Sun shared how Mdm N cried as she pleaded for help, while her daughter “looked lost and confused.”

To get through that period, Mdm N received some help in the form of cash.

HDB provides rental flat, but pair still needs furniture

More assistance came soon after, when HDB allocated a rental flat to them.

But Mdm N and her daughter would have been moving into an empty home, as they couldn’t afford furniture and appliances.


Taking the initiative to lend a hand, Ms Sun appealed for donations online, mainly in the form of items like:

  • A queen size bed with mattress
  • Study table & chair
  • Fridge
  • Washing machine
  • 2-seater sofa
  • Dining table & chairs
  • Standing fan
  • Water heater & shower head

Singaporeans fulfill wish list in just 10 mins

The power of social media worked its magic, with countless Singaporeans commenting the items they wished to donate.


Some even went beyond the call for help and offered money. The response was so overwhelming that Ms Sun updated her post to inform the public that they had managed to gather everything on the wish list in just 10 minutes.

Her colleague would get in touch with the kind donors for follow-up arrangements.

Singapore a kind & compassionate society

Thanking the donors sincerely, Ms Sun extended her praise by saying that,

You are the reason Singapore is strong, beautiful and kind!!!!

Indeed, stories like this prove that the people of Singapore are compassionate above all else, as we try to look out for one another.

Let’s continue to be kind to the people around us, and foster a loving society.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook, Facebook and Facebook.