Loving Father Pays For Son’s Dream Phone Using Coins He Saved Daily

Filipino Man Saved Daily To Afford His Son’s Dream Vivo Handphone

On Friday (26 Jul), Singaporeans’ social media feeds were flooded by a slew of images and clips showing Huawei customers upset over the entire $54 phone promotion.

Yet just 3 days ago, an inspiring Instagram post showing a doting father paying for his son’s dream phone using stacks of coins he saved daily went viral.

Here’s the Instagram post:



“I wish I could meet this father and son pair because I was really touched. You can see here that someone would do absolutely anything when it comes to their loved ones.”

Father saved daily to buy his son’s dream phone

In the Instagram post, he was seen stacking coins neatly on the glass counter of a handphone shop.


According to Siakap Keli, the man has been saving coins on a daily basis so he could afford his son’s dream phone.

A second picture shows the man accompanied by his son, who is smiling with his dream phone in hand.


Even though we can’t ascertain the exact phone model in the picture, the phone’s box suggests that it’s a Vivo Y91 phone, which costs around S$181 (PHP 6,761) in the Philippines.

Helps put the Huawei fiasco into perspective

We are glad that this story surfaced in the same week that the Huawei fiasco happened, and helped to put the entire saga into perspective.

Additionally, this story shows the unconditional love a parent can have for his or her children.

We hope the ‘lil one enjoys his new phone.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.  

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