Friend Of Fallen Fernvale Cat Is Up For Adoption, They Were BFFs Who Often Ate Together

Friend Of Fernvale Cat Who Passed Away Seeks Loving Home, Needs Time To Warm Up To Humans

Animal lovers may be familiar with the recent distressing images of a brutally murdered cat.

Cat Found At Fernvale Link With Leg Cut Off, Authorities Are Investigating

Now, his friend, Wakandah, is up for adoption. The female stray was apparently traumatised after finding her friend’s body at the scene.

Murdered catSource

Her rescuer said she’s still in shock and will need some time to warm up to her new owners.

Used to eat together with Fernvale cat

In an Instagram post, a cat rescuer said Wakandah used to eat with Xyon, a fellow abandoned cat who was found brutally murdered on Saturday (12 Dec).

Apparently, the poor kitty checked on Xyon after hearing screaming and found his dead body, with a severed limb. Since then, Wakandah has been afraid to return to that location.

Murdered cat Source

Fiona, a kind rescuer, decided to take her home in fear that the cat abuser may return to cause more harm.

Friend of fallen Fernvale cat in shock

At a vet checkup, balding patches were found on Wakandah. The vet said this is consistent with stress-related over-grooming.

Murdered cat Source

However, no other health issues were found and Wakandah has been spayed, microchipped, dewormed, and vaccinated.

Potential adopters need to give space

Given the trauma that this cat had gone through, Fiona said potential adopters will need to give her time to warm up to humans.

Perhaps out of fear, she still hides in dark corners. But she is said to be extremely affectionate and would even ‘boop’ those whom she deems a friendly face.

Hiding Source

For owners of multiple cats, Wakandah could possibly be a good addition to the family, said Fiona. After all, she got along well with Xyon before his passing.

Those interested in taking Wakandah in can find out more here.

Helping a traumatised cat

Many rescue animals have troubled pasts. However Wakandah’s story is particularly heartbreaking as she lost a friend and was left traumatised.

We are glad a kind soul like Fiona is helping to find this kitty a forever home, away from the clutches of cat abusers.

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