2 Grown Men Arrested For Fighting Over Urinal At Aljunied MRT Station

Aljunied MRT Station Urinal Apparently Worth Fighting Over

Four men fought like kids over the last available urinal in a crowded toilet at Aljunied MRT station on Sunday (24 Jun).

Police officers breaking up the fight

What have we come to?

Pissed off

Apparently, two men in their thirties couldn’t agree on whose turn it was to use the toilet, so they started fighting.

Things escalated, with their respective companions joining the fray. It became a 4-men scuffle, with 2 people on each side.

It was such a “big fight” that neither party was willing to relent. The fight went “from inside the toilet to outside”.

According to an eyewitness, everyone else left the toilet.

Bring in the boys in blue

Sensing trouble, a wise soul alerted the Public Transport Security Command (TransCom) officers.


TransCom is the Singapore Police Force specialist unit which polices the transport network in Singapore.

Three officers arrived at the scene to save the day, but found that breaking up the fight wasn’t that easy.

After the officers came, the men continued fighting and only stopped when the officers reportedly got more form.


Netizens have responded to the bizarre incident with appropriate mirth.

Someone said of it,

Give Pees a chance

Others have speculated about what the arrested individuals would have to say if they end up with a criminal record from the incident.


Of course, there were some who offered “constructive” suggestions,

If nothing else, they could always use the NSF Recruit Urgent Toilet Break method of Two Men One Urinal.

But the important question is, did they get to pee? Asked a netizen,

So did they get to pee in the end? If can hold pee and start fight, why cannot hold pee and wait?

Ya right, it’s worth to have some pee-tience.

Featured image from Google Maps and Rentwear.

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