Filipino Lady Loses Passport Near Lucky Plaza Along Orchard Road On 21 Jul

With the ongoing travel restrictions, most of our passports have probably been collecting dust.


However, for tourists and foreigners based in Singapore, their passports act as an important form of identification.

Unfortunately for Ms Jennifer Molina Esco – a Filipino lady working in Singapore – she is now searching for her passport after losing it along Orchard Road.

Filipino Lady Passport Lucky Plaza 1Source

She has taken to Facebook to seek help from netizens in locating her missing passport.

Passport lost along Lucky Plaza & Centrepoint

According to her Facebook post, her passport went missing along Lucky Plaza and The CentrePoint, both malls located along Orchard Road.

Filipino Lady Passport Lucky Plaza 2Source 1, Source 2

In her post, she also added that her passport was also placed inside a brown envelope.

Filipino Lady Passport Lucky Plaza 3Image of passport for illustration purposes only
Source 1, Source 2

Contact her or Orchard NPC if found

Ms Esco has also requested netizens to submit the missing passport at Orchard Neighbourhood Police Centre if found.


Alternatively, you can also contact her here via her mobile number or through Facebook messenger if you locate her missing passport.

We hope that Ms Esco will be able to locate her missing passport soon.

Featured image adapted from Facebook, Google Maps, and Mall SG. All passport images are for illustration purposes only.