Food Delivery Apps Remind Users To Give Riders Time To Break Their Fast

Food delivery riders work tirelessly throughout the day to get our orders to us, that returning the kindness is the least we can do.

Now that Ramadan is here, we should be especially considerate of their need to break fast on time, after a long day without meals.

Of course, being humans, some of us may forget. Thankfully, the very platforms we use to order food are going the extra mile to remind us.

Food delivery apps leave gentle reminder for users

A Redditor first noticed and shared the reminder via a screenshot on the first day of Ramadan yesterday (13 Apr 2021).


Thanking Deliveroo for the important message, the Redditor likely posted the image to remind other users too.

But Deliveroo users have had their fair share, as the platform also sent a reminder via email on Tuesday (13 Apr).

Screenshot of Deliveroo email

Likewise, GrabFood leaves the notice up on their main page so you’ll see it every time you browse the app.

Screenshot of Grab app

We couldn’t find Foodpanda’s version, though one Redditor claims that they have a similar reminder too.

Reminder is for customers’ convenience too

Since the time to break fast coincides with most people’s dinner timings, the reminder from the various platforms is applicable to us all.

Even for those who have to order food to break their own fasts, try to do so in advance so riders can make the delivery and still have time for their own meals.

They’ve been hustling through the day on an empty stomach after all, and they deserve the opportunity to rest and finally eat.

Moreover, should many riders decide to take a break during the breaking of fast or iftar period, fewer will likely be available to make deliveries, leading to longer delivery times.

Hence, users may expect to face some delay if they decide to proceed with their orders then.

Since various platforms work in different ways, how orders are allocated to riders may be affected too, so we should keep this in mind.

In any case, the apps likely put up the notice for a good reason, and we as users should try to be aware for our own sakes.

Hope riders stay safe on the job

Dealing with the weather and other occupational hazards on a daily basis, riders weather many challenges to serve the community.

Minor incidents aside, let’s respect their needs too, as they’re doing their best to get by.

We hope that all delivery riders will stay safe on the job, and for those who are fasting, that they’ll find the time to pause and rest if need be.

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Featured image by MS News and adapted from Deliveroo.