Food Delivery Rider Spills Customer’s Drinks & Apologises, Says Such Accidents Are Hard To Avoid

Fighting our hunger pangs, we often expect whatever food or drinks we order via food delivery platforms to arrive in one piece.

However, accidents inevitably happen, and many of us may have encountered discrepancies with our orders.

Who’s to blame is a question to ponder, but often, delivery riders are the ones to receive the brunt of a customer’s anger as they’re the first point of contact.

Hoping to speak up on behalf of her peers, a food delivery rider took to Facebook to explain the difficulties of their work.

Food delivery rider apologises for spilling drinks

On Sunday (18 Oct), a food delivery rider in Singapore shared a minor slipup that happened while she was working.


In a rush to deliver several orders, she forgot to check if the drink cups had been sealed properly.

Once she arrived at her first location, she found that the contents of 1 cup had spilled everywhere, leaving her bag soaking wet.


Admitting her oversight, the rider apologises and explains that such incidents are honest mistakes, and no rider would intentionally affect a customer’s order that way.

Travelling slowly while rushing to deliver orders is tough

Acknowledging that customers often want their food delivered quickly, the rider shares the challenges of the job on the ground.

Firstly, since she rides a power assisted bicycle (PAB), she has to comply with the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) speed limit of 25km/h.


Slowing down to ensure that the drinks in her bag don’t spill will add to the travelling time, which may test customers’ patience.

Not only that, the bumpy roads which she often has to navigate make the task even more difficult, as she can’t stop her bag from bumping about.

Suggests eateries use special cups

Since speed is the only factor she can control, the rider hopes eateries can do their part to help too.

For delivery orders in particular, she suggests using “special cups” that will likely keep drinks secure without spilling.


That way, no bumpy path will cause the beverage to splash about, leaving customers with empty cups.

Hope customers will understand

Of course, such changes are up to the eateries to implement. For the rest of us who order food, she seeks our kind understanding.

Food delivery riders are merely trying to make a living too, and are doing their best to fulfill customers’ orders.

Let’s be more considerate of their situation and not make their jobs any tougher.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.