Chicken Rice Stall Questions Foodpanda’s Refund Process

UPDATE (21 Sep): Responding to MS News‘ queries, a foodpanda spokesperson said they give customers the benefit of doubt and will fulfil their refund requests if eligible.

She added that merchant partners can contact the foodpanda team to dispute claims made by customers. “Should investigations reveal inaccurate claims made by customers, merchant partners will be fully reimbursed for the order.”

When ordering food delivery, any items that might be missing are often either refunded or delivered again. However, some people have taken advantage of this to avoid paying for their food.

The wife of a chicken rice stall owner has taken to Facebook to express her displeasure with foodpanda’s method of dealing with refunds.

Though the couple was sure they had packed the orders correctly, a customer complained there were items missing.

Unfortunately, foodpanda was alleged to have issued a straight refund without investigating the situation.


As this was the second time this has occurred, the woman decided to shed some light on the situation through social media.

Foodpanda makes chicken rice stall refund without investigation

A staff of Newton Hainanese Chicken Rice posted her displeasure towards foodpanda on Facebook yesterday (19 Sep).

The woman accused foodpanda of making the stall refund a customer who claimed that several items were missing from his order.


Without confirming if his claim was true, foodpanda allegedly refunded the customer.

Even though the woman said both her husband and herself had packed the order correctly, foodpanda allegedly refunded without opening an investigation or checking with them.

While the order was 2 packets of rice and half a soya chicken, the customer claimed only 1 packet of rice was delivered.


However, the woman mentioned the order left an impression as the customer had utilised a voucher to offset the full credit of $20.50.

Furthermore, the foodpanda rider had to support the food with 2 hands, which meant the packet was probably heavier than 1 packet of rice.

Therefore, the woman was extremely unhappy with the food delivery platform’s handling of the matter, especially since this was the second time.

No choice but to raise matter on social media

Since the woman treats foodpanda as a business partner, she expected more communication from them.

Due to the lack of online chat channels, she has no choice but to raise the matter on social media.

Additionally, she understands that their stall is not the only one that has dealt with such customers before.

Many food stall owners have also commented that such an incident has happened to them as well.


Hence, all she hopes for is a fair investigation to prove who is in the wrong here.

Stall given reimbursement but investigation unclear

In an update, the woman said foodpanda has reached out and reimbursed the stall for the dispute order.


However, the woman is unsure whether any investigation took place or where the refund money is deducted from.

She said that she would email foodpanda to follow up on these questions she has.

MS News has reached out to foodpanda for comments and will update the article accordingly when they get back.

Hope foodpanda will open an investigation

Since it is unsure whether the customer was taking advantage of foodpanda’s refund policy, hopefully, they will open an investigation to get to the bottom of the situation.

Perhaps this should also be a reminder to foodpanda to step up their refund policy. Doing so will help prevent business owners from losing money due to such incidents, especially during this challenging time.

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