Four Star Warehouse Sale Has Premium Beds, Sofas & Wardrobes To Make Your Dream BTO Come True

Four Star Warehouse Sale Has Premium Beds, Sofas & Wardrobes To Make Your Dream BTO Come True
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Four Star Warehouse Sale at 72 Eunos Has Deals On Premium Sofas, Beds & Wardrobes

So you’ve finally gotten the keys to your long-awaited BTO, and it’s time to transform it into the home of your dreams.

Getting started can be overwhelming at first, just thinking of all the options that are out there. And let’s not forget the not-so-tiny matter of cost, plus how to strike a balance between a dream home aesthetic and down-to-earth budget.

That’s where big sales like this one can save the day.

Four Star is having another warehouse sale, where you can expect to find essential furniture items like sofas, wardrobes, dining sets, and mattresses at heavily discounted prices.

four star

This time, the sale is happening at the brand’s massive 72 Eunos outlet, which means there are 7,000 sq ft of deals to browse. You just might find yourself spending the entire day there.

Here are some highlights from the sale that might just wind up in your home.

Beds that soothe & support for a good night’s sleep

A proper mattress won’t just help you sleep better, but it will also provide good support for your back. If you’ve been suffering from back pain despite being relatively young, changing your mattress could be the remedy.

In our hot and humid climate, air conditioning isn’t always enough, so having mattresses with cool, breathable, and skin-friendly fabrics is key to getting proper shut-eye.

Four Star has a wide variety of mattresses designed for all kinds of sleepyheads. There’s the Detense Arcticsilk Advance Aire Flex, which disperses heat quickly to ensure a cool and luxuriously soft touch.

No more waking up the next morning drenched in sweat before you even start your day.

four star

For those of you who need spinal support, the Chiro+ Series has highly durable and firm mattresses that care for your back and promote better posture.

There’s also the Essential series with pocketed coils arranged in zones to provide additional support to heavier parts of the body.

four star

Homeowners with sensitive skin can consider the Tencel range for its soft and breathable fabric that’s environmentally friendly as well. Doze off in comfort and peace knowing that your shopping choices are good for the planet.

The Heritage Collection is worth a look too as its fabric is gentle on the skin. It even has foam encasement guards all around the edges of the bed so you’ll never feel like you’re going to roll off — useful for those who sometimes find themselves waking up on the floor in the morning.

Foam encasement is a perimeter of sturdy foam blocks that are all around the interior edges of the bed. It provides support to edge of the mattress, so you can sleep near the edge without feeling like you’re going to roll off, and sit more comfortably on the edge of the bed (eg, while tying your shoes).

To guarantee their high quality, the mattresses come with a warranty of up to 15 years.

Of course, a mattress is incomplete without a bed frame, and Four Star’s myriad of options will leave you spoilt for choice.

Apart from the standard bed frame, you can also opt for the storage type, which has cabinets and drawers for you to store your belongings. Handy for a space-limited HDB, or if you prefer your flat to have an uncluttered, minimalist look.

four star

The storage bed frames also have a German Hydraulic lift system that enables you to lift up the bed and keep larger items underneath.

As the place where one spends at least seven to eight hours every night, having the right bed is truly vital to making your house feel like a home.

Wardrobes that do more than store your clothes

As another important component in your bedroom, your wardrobe needs to be tailored perfectly to you and your partner’s needs.

When picking one out, it helps to keep in mind what you want to store within and how much you expect to expand your outfit collection in the coming years.

Four Star has wardrobes that can be customised to the exact size you need. That means if you chance upon a design you like, you won’t need to worry about whether it’ll fit inside your bedroom.

four star

If your place doesn’t come with a built-in closet but you’d like to have one, the wardrobes can be retrofitted with ceiling height concealers. This covers up the gap between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling, achieving the sleek and seamless built-in look.

You can also opt to add hanging racks, drawers, and extra storage space to organise your clothes exactly the way you like.

Retrofitted ceiling height concealers helps wardrobes that look like this (with gaps in between wardrobe and ceiling) to extend/flush up to the ceiling.

Storage aside, these wardrobes go the extra mile in keeping your home safe as they are made with anti-cockroach materials — something those with a severe bug phobia would be glad to hear. Certain models are also fire-retardant.

With the right wardrobe, you can make the most of your bedroom space while keeping clutter to a minimum.

Sofas for your inner couch potato

Next to your bed, the sofa is probably your second favourite spot to park your bum as you scroll through TikTok or binge on the latest Netflix hit.

It’s also in the area where the most activity in your home is going to happen, whether it’s lazy nights in with your other half or lepak sessions with friends over the weekend.

Similar to its wardrobes, Four Star’s signature sofas are highly customisable, with modular units that let you mix and match parts to fit the dimensions of your living room.

four star

Their headrests are also adjustable for maximum comfort. Nothing beats laying your head against a sofa at the exact angle that you like.

In terms of durability, these sofas are made for everyday use due to their Mastrotto Italian thick leather material, which doesn’t wear down easily. You can plop down as many times – and as roughly – as you like after a long day at work without worrying about any damage.

Additionally, the sofas are available in over 50 colours, so you are sure to find something that looks like it came straight out of your Pinterest board.

With a great sofa at the centre of your living room, you’ll have even more reason to want to be a couch potato — and now, you can do it in style.

Dining sets to make every meal a 5-star experience

Once you’ve locked down the furniture for your places of rest, it’s time to look at where you eat.

On days when you’re WFH, a nice dining table is a great alternative to your usual work desk.

If cooking inspiration hits, a spruced-up dining area can also be the ideal Insta-backdrop for your latest culinary achievement.

The Sintered Stone Dining Table from Four Star can stay spotless for a long time with minimal effort. This is thanks to its surface that’s easy to clean and impervious to usual household heat sources like fresh-off-the-stove pots. It’s also scratch and stain-resistant.

If you’re looking for a different aesthetic, another durable option is the Wooden Dining Table, which boasts a medium density fibreboard (MDF) tabletop for easy cleaning of dust and spills.

Less effort spent on the upkeep of the dining area means more time and energy for whipping up dishes in the kitchen and enjoying home-cooked meals as a family.

Selected models are extendable, which means you can make them bigger to accommodate more guests during special occasions before folding back in to free up more space around the room.

Four Star warehouse sale takes place from 21 to 24 Jul

Furnishing your new BTO can be a pricy endeavour, but those who want to stick to a budget can still do so at the Four Star warehouse sale.

Shoppers can look forward to the following promotional prices:

  • Queen-sized mattress – from S$299
  • Bed frame – from S$199
  • Sofa – from S$399
  • Dining table – from S$499

Discounts are not all one will get to enjoy there.

To give you even more bang for your buck, purchases come with free delivery and installation, and customers can make a free parking or taxi claim upon checkout with no minimum spend required. When you’re making such big purchases for a new home, every dollar you save counts.

To further lighten the burden on your wallet, there are instalment plans with 0% interest for up to 12 months. GST has also been absorbed, and there are free gifts with purchase up for grabs.

four star

Image courtesy of Four Star

This is only a glimpse of what you can find at the sale, so to check it out for yourself, here’s how to get there:

Four Star Mattress Warehouse Sale
Date: 21-24 Jul
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm daily
Address: Four Star Furniture Outlet by Singapore Handicrafts Pte Ltd, 72 Eunos Avenue 7, #01-01, Singapore 409570
Nearest MRT: Eunos Station

For more information, visit Four Star’s website here and follow them on Facebook here.

Save more while creating your dream home

Furnishing the home of your dreams takes time and planning, and being able to save money while you’re at it certainly makes things a lot less stressful.

On top of that, there’s peace of mind in knowing that every dollar you do spend goes to furniture that has good quality and will hopefully last a very long time.

That way, they won’t spoil easily, sparing you from having to repeat the whole shopping and set-up process all over again.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Four Star.
Featured image by MS News.

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