Durians Are Given Out For Free As Durian Prices Hit Low Of $12/Kg

Avid durian eaters, you’re in luck.

Durian prices has been dipping due to a supply glut from Malaysia.

The sweltering hot weather of late has caused durians to ripen faster, resulting in an oversupply of durians — which have seen prices take a nosedive.

Some Singaporeans have even been enjoying the king of fruits at absolutely zero cost.

Balestier stall owner lets durians go for nothing

At least 2 durian stalls have been giving away durians for free since Monday (16 Jul).

Long lines were spotted at Ah Lan Fresh Fruits Stall in Balestier Road.

Where 300kg worth of durians – comprising of Red Prawn and D24 varieties – have been given out to Singaporeans, foreign workers and tourists.

The durians cost the stall owner $3,000.


Stall owner Lee Chiew Lan told The Straits Times that this is her way of thanking consumers for their support.

Today (18 Jul), will be the last day she’ll be giving them out.

Time: Free durian distribution starts at 7pm
Address: Cambridge Market #01-87 (Fruits) & 249 Balestier Road, 329714 (Durians)
Facebook: Ah Lan’s Durians

Free durians in Tampines too

Sam Fruit Trading, another durian stall in Tampines has also been giving out free durians.


The free durians were intended for the elderly, but a younger crowd was seen snatching up the durians as well, said Mr Chan Chee Ning, stall owner.

Over 500 people showed up over the span of 2 hours and a whopping 1,300kg of durians were given out.

Mr Chan was apparently shocked as he did not expect so many people to come to the stall.

He intends to distribute free durians to the elderly again next Monday (23 Jul).

Address: Sam Fruit Trading is located near Block 828, Tampines St 81. Durians are distributed in a tentage near Watsons.

Durians price dip

Mao Shan Wang is now going for as low as $12-15 per kg.

This signifies a potential reduction in price as it used to cost between $28-35 per kg.

Other popular varieties such as red prawn, D13 and D24 are sold at an average of $5 each — a third of its original price.


Seems like there’s no better time to feast on your favourite type of durian.

As for our personal favourites? Free durians by far.

Guess we can look forward to a fruitful durian season ahead!

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