Free Sinopharm Vaccines Available For Seniors & Lower-Income S’poreans, They’re 1st-Come-1st-Served

Temasek Foundation Offering Free Sinopharm Jabs At 4 Designated Clinics

While the majority of Singapore has been vaccinated by the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines offered to us for free, about 13% haven’t done so for various reasons.

Perhaps they might be willing to take the Sinopharm vaccine, but are put off by the cost as it’s not in our National Vaccine Programme (NVP).

Well, now’s their chance: Free Sinopharm jabs are being offered to seniors and the lower-income group.


However, they have to act fast if they want them, as they’re on a 1st-come-1st served basis.

Open to just 1,000 people

The giveaway by Temasek Foundation was shared by Ms Ho Ching in a Facebook post on Friday (10 Dec).


Ms Ho stepped down as Temasek chief executive (CEO) on 1 Oct but is still a director of Temasek Trust, and thus obviously knows what’s going on in the company.

She said though they’re donating 3,000 shots of Sinopharm, only 1,000 people can get them.

That’s because as announced earlier, people must take 3 doses of Sinopharm or Sinovac to be considered fully vaccinated in Singapore.


Pioneer & Merdeka Generation eligible

To be eligible for the offer, you should be from the Pioneer (born on/before 31 Dec 1949) or Merdeka Generation (born between 1 Jan 1950-31 Dec 1959).

Eligible seniors would have their Pioneer/Merdeka Generation cards.

Otherwise, Singaporeans aged 18 and above who’re under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) and hold the blue or orange cards may also take advantage of the offer.

As the CHAS card is only for the lower-income group, the free Sinopharm offer ensures they can be protected at no cost to themselves.

Offer stands at 4 clinics

To get the free vaccines, those eligible will have to head down to 4 clinics located across Singapore.

They are Northeast Medical Group Clinics in Kallang, Buona Vista, Bedok and Bukit Batok.

Check out their addresses and phone numbers below:


Do hurry, as the vaccines are available on a 1st-come-1st-served basis only.

No payout for Sinopharm side effects

Ms Ho however warned that Sinopharm isn’t under the NVP, which currently includes only Pfizer, Moderna and Sinovac.

That means that recipients of Sinopharm won’t be covered under the Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme (VIFAP).

VIFAP provides financial assistance to those who experienced serious side effects related to Covid-19 vaccines.

Recipients may take part in study

Ms Ho also said that the free Sinopharm vaccine recipients who’re above 20 may be asked to take part in a study.

It will involve blood samples being taken to measure their immune response.


Participation in the study is optional.

Sinopharm costs $150 for 3 doses

Sinopharm, like Sinovac, is an inactivated virus vaccine that is said to have fewer side effects.

Also similarly to Sinovac, it has been offered at private clinics in Singapore.


However, 2 doses cost about $100, and a 3rd dose would cost about half of that.

That means those who opt to go the private clinic route to get fully vaccinated with Sinopharm would need to shell out about $150.

Generous offer may convince the holdouts

The generous offer by Temasek Foundation may help convince those who haven’t got their jab yet to take the plunge.

After all, there’s only so long they’ll be able to tahan not being able to eat out with their grandchildren, right?

In the meantime, let’s hope we all stay safe as the Omicron Variant arrives in town.

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Featured image adapted from Raffles Medical Group on Facebook.

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