Fullerton Waterboat House Starbucks Popular Among Students Closes On 2 Feb

Starbucks is a special place for many people. Be it for a morning coffee fix, or 1-for-1 ventis, we’ve all probably stepped into an outlet before.

These days, students notoriously swarm Starbucks for exam study sessions. Their free WiFi and cozy ambience make for the perfect study space.

One popular outlet is the Starbucks at Fullerton Waterboat House.


With breathtaking views of the skyline all around, many students would study here, also because of the convenient location.

Starbucks Fullerton had a beautiful interior

The Fullerton Starbucks had all the makings of an ideal study spot — abundant seats, strong WiFi signals, natural light and calming views.

Sitting there probably felt like home too, judging from the gorgeous interior.


There were always enough seats to go around, even during exam season.

If your eyes start hurting after typing out your 4,000 word essay, you could simply look out the window and catch the spectacular views.


As if all these features don’t make it iconic enough, the outlet opened on Valentine’s Day in 2014, and was Starbucks’ 100th store in Singapore.


To lose such a meaningful piece of the brand’s history, and many Singaporeans’ lives, is rather saddening.

Making an impact on special-needs individuals’ lives

Starbucks Fullerton didn’t just serve students, but individuals with special needs too.

The outlet was a part of the Starbucks Social Impact programme, which was in collaboration with Singapore’s Autism Resource Centre (ARC).

The programmed allowed autistic individuals to undergo barista training at the outlet, equipping them with skills for employment.


The opportunity enabled them to become independent and lead fulfilling lives.

Closed on 2 Feb with no plans to extend lease

Unfortunately, the outlet shut its doors last Sunday (2 Feb), reportedly due to the lease expiring, according to The Business Times.

Starbucks Singapore meanwhile has relocated the outlet’s employees, including those with special needs, to various other locations around the country.

There aren’t any other dedicated Social Impact stores now, but hopefully Starbucks and ARC will expand the programme so more of their beneficiaries can work for the company.

If you’re bummed about your haunt being closed, don’t worry, as there are many other aesthetic Starbucks outlets to hang out at.

You had a good run, Fullerton Waterboat House Starbucks. You will be dearly remembered.

Featured image adapted from Jemma Wei and Starbucks Singapore.