Gardens By The Bay Has teamLab’s Outdoor Artworks From 15 Dec & Indoor Exhibition From 16 Jan 2020

Something new is happening to Gardens by the Bay soon!

The creators of Tokyo’s popular digital museum – teamLab – will host a #FutureTogether exhibition in honour of Singapore Bicentennial.


Visitors can view the outdoor garden from 15 Dec, but the actual exhibition will take place next year from 16 Jan to 31 Mar 2020.

The initial pictures show that Gardens by the Bay will transform into a sea of lights with outdoor and indoor artworks.


Let’s take a look at this stunning digital marvel that is set to grab your attention soon.

Dragonfly lake & sunflower lattice

The outdoor gardens will feature a dragonfly lake with a group of ovoids or egg-shaped structures standing on the water’s surface.

The ovoids will shine brightly and illuminate the lake in diverse shades of light. Whenever an ovoid is touched, its colour will change. It will also emit a distinct tone based on the colour.


You might already know how Gardens by the Bay look like in the flesh, but the light of these ovoids will transform the entire landscape at night.


The outdoor garden will include a lattice with seasonal flowers that scatter and change over the course of an hour. The flowers’ transitions are inspired by the continuous cycle of life and death as the seasons pass.


Flower forest & ever-changing artworks

teamLab is famous for its indoor light tricks so don’t miss their indoor artworks.

The creative exhibition will include technicolor animals with flowers growing from their bodies. Similar to their typical life cycle, they will bloom, scatter and wither.


Unlike a typical museum, you can attempt to touch the animals and be a part of the piece.


Have you ever seen a canvas that is ever-changing? Like many of their pieces, the artworks will become bright to represent life, and dark to represent death.


The planned artworks are breathtaking and we can’t wait to see them up close.


Message pillar for Singapore Bicentennial

In line with the Singapore Bicentennial, teamLab will create a sci-fi-themed message pillar with words floating in the air.


To make this a reality, you’ll need to download the Message Pillar smartphone app to see the virtual messages. You may also write and post a message to accompany the other messages in the virtual tree.


teamLab exhibition is free for locals

The upcoming teamLab expedition is giving us something to look forward to.

The indoor and outdoor exhibition is free for Singaporean residents, which include Permanent Residents and holders of Work Permits, Dependent Pass, and Employment Pass.

For tourists, the outdoor exhibition is free but they will have to pay $10 to view the indoor exhibition. You can check teamLab’s website to view more details about the event.

Address: Gardens by the Bay’s Bayfront Plaza, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore
Operating hours:
Indoor Artworks 9am-9pm (Last Entry 8.30pm)
Outdoor Artworks 7pm – 12am
16 Jan to 31 Mar 2020 (exhibition date)
Outdoor artworks will be available from 15 Dec
Nearest MRT: Bayfront

Are you excited to see teamLab in Singapore? Let us know your thoughts and Instagram plans in the comments below.

Featured image from teamLab.