S’pore Man’s Friend Attends Gathering Despite Girlfriend Testing Positive, He Asks Everyone To Be Responsible

Friend Turns Up At Gathering Even Though Girlfriend Tests Covid-19 Positive

Having quality time with friends at a group gathering may be a precious chance for some of us now as we navigate the pandemic. But jeopardising your friends’ health after coming into contact with a positive case is not a risk worth taking.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what a man did recently.

On 7 Feb, TikTok user @jasonyuuu shared about his friend’s careless actions.


Just a rant #covid #covid19

♬ original sound – Jason Yu – Jason Yu

Evidently in shock over the sudden revelation, he took the chance to remind everybody to be responsible.

Friend tells about girlfriend testing positive halfway through gathering

On 7 Feb, TikTok user @jasonyuuuu shared about a rather concerning encounter with a friend during a recent gathering.

Jason mentioned that the said friend told the group halfway while eating that his girlfriend, whom he lived with, had tested positive for Covid-19.

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Hoping to get the facts straight, the group then asked if the couple stayed together in the same room, which the friend casually confirmed.


Upon hearing this, they immediately questioned if the couple had taken any precautions like masking up while staying together.

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Much to their dismay, the friend allegedly said no and replied that they were living normally together as people in the same household would.

Understandably, the friend’s replies left the group feeling distressed, as they worried about the virus possibly spreading to everyone there, including the host’s family members.

Man reminds everyone to be responsible

Jason decided to upload his rant to remind everyone to be responsible in this trying times.

Expressing his frustration towards his friend’s irresponsible behaviour, he added that he could not understand why the friend did not inform the group before showing up.


His best guess was that the friend did not want to be told to stay home and miss the gathering. Unfortunately, the selfish act could lead to more casualties.

Jason mentioned how he’s now worried that he might have caught the virus himself and passed it to his parents and sister.


Ending off his rant, he urged everyone to stay home if they know that they have been in close contact with a positive Covid-19 case.

Story only serves as a gentle reminder for everyone

The singer-songwriter later did a follow-up post on TikTok to reply to some netizens’ comments.


Reply to @musicianmandy #covid #covid19

♬ original sound – Jason Yu – Jason Yu

In particular, he addressed one that noted how difficult it must be to talk about what his friend did like that.


Acknowledging that the decision wasn’t easy, Jason clarified that he had no ill intention in making the video, and further reiterated the importance of keeping ourselves safe to protect our loved ones.

Be considerate & self-isolate if necessary

All in all, this incident reflects the detriment one could possibly bring if he or she is not prudent.

Should any of us come into contact with a positive case or test positive ourselves, let’s act responsibly for everyone’s sake.

After all, the battle against Covid-19 is one that we have to fight together.

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Featured image adapted from @jasonyuuu on TikTok.

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