7-Year-Old Girl In China Throws Younger Boy Down 5-Metre Well, Allegedly Imitating TV Show

7-Year-Old Girl Throws 4-Year-Old Boy Down A Well In China

Recently, a video in China went viral due to the violent actions displayed by a 7-year-old girl.

The young girl threw a 4-year-old boy down a 5-metre well and seemed to show no sense of remorse or sympathy.

Thankfully, other villagers came to the boy’s rescue. Apart from catching a cold, he reportedly suffered no injuries.

Girl picks younger boy up & drops him down well

According to The Straits Times (ST), the incident took place in a village in Yunnan’s Songming county at around 4pm on 4 Mar. The scene was captured by surveillance cameras installed around the village.

In the video, the girl appeared to be guiding the younger boy towards the well. She then proceeded to carry and drop him into the water hole.

Source: James Hannington on YouTube

The boy audibly cried for help as he used his arms to grip the sides of the well.

However, the girl pried his fingers off the edges, causing him to slip and fall inside completely.

Source: James Hannington on YouTube

Even as the little boy continued to cry for help, the girl looked unbothered, standing beside the well for a moment before leaving the area.

Source: James Hannington on YouTube

Boy eventually gets rescued

After a while, a number of villagers heard the boy’s cries and came to his rescue.

Source: 青蜂侠 on YouTube

Citing a report by the Songming county police, The Star noted that the well was around five metres deep. The water inside was around two metres deep, and the boy allegedly fell down a height of 2.65 metres before hitting the water.

Thankfully, he only caught a cold and did not suffer any major injuries from the fall.

Girl allegedly inspired by a scene in a TV show

The authorities stated that the girl and boy were neighbours who often played together before this incident.

The girl apparently claimed she was only imitating a scene she watched on a television show.

Eventually, the families of both children agreed on a settlement. South China Morning Post (SCMP) also reported that the girl’s family gave the boy’s family some money and food to apologise.

What this girl did was extremely dangerous, and could have caused serious harm to the boy. Hopefully, she has learnt her lesson, and will not endanger anyone again.

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Featured image adapted from James Hannington on YouTube.

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